2017 Trends In Trade Show Displays

Posted by Skyline Exhibitor Source on Nov 21, 2016 3:06:20 PM
Skyline Exhibitor Source

2017 Trade Show Display Trends

trade-show-displaysThe trade show industry is constantly evolving to incorporate new technology, consumer preferences, and design trends, and this year has seen quite a few developments emerge. As we look toward 2017, here are some of the trade show display ideas you can expect to see popping up on exhibition floors in Nashville.

#1 - Lounge Areas

We've seen communal, show-sponsored lounge areas for a while now, but in today's larger shows we're seeing more and more comfort stations incorporated into individual booths. While this does require renting a larger space and designing your trade show display to featuring a lounge area - versus just setting up a couple chairs along the edge of your booth - show attendees really appreciate it. You can turn it up a notch with massage chairs, charging stations and complimentary snacks and water.

#2 - LED Lights

LED lights are quickly becoming the mainstream must-have of trade show displays. They use less energy and emit a brighter, whiter light versus traditional incandescent, giving your display a more modern look. They are also incredibly versatile, as you can use them as a backlight, arm light and in many other applications.

Skyline recently introduced our patented TriaSolTM LED arm light, which is three times brighter than the competitor's brightest arm light. The brighter light covers more surface area, requires fewer lights, is energy efficient, and auto-ranging for use in any show hall around the world.

#3 - Beacon Mobile Technology

Utilizing mobile technology is now a given within any tradeshow marketing strategy, but choosing what strategy to use can be a challenge. Keeping followers up to date with social messages, capturing Snapchat stories for later use, and gathering and sharing data are all popular ways to utilize mobile at trade shows. Now, beacon technology is being used to send real-time promotional messages to show attendees based on where they are on the show floor. The technology, incorporated into various apps that users would have preloaded on their phones, tracks their location and finds nearby companies, products and promotions in their immediate area.

#4 - Hanging Structures

Most trade show displays are built from the ground up, and the area above the structure is ignored. But this is prime real estate! Lightweight hanging structures take advantage of this space, hanging from the beamed ceiling structure of the exhibition hall. The benefit of this is clear; attendees from all over the show hall will be able to see a brand rising above other booths.

Skyline recently introduced SkyFlyer™ Hanging Structures to meet the growing demand for this display feature. Made from light aluminum tubes and printed graphic fabric that easily stretches over the frame, SkyFlyerTM is easy to transport and install and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your current display design.

Skyline Is Your Source For Nashville Trade Show Display Ideas

Whether you need a portable display, easy-to-install inline display, or a professional custom island exhibit, Skyline Exhibitor Source in Nashville is your source for the latest trends and technology in the trade show industry. Contact us at 615-287-9800 for a free consultation or to order a catalog.

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