Designing Tabletop Displays In Nashville: Know These Trade Secrets

Posted by Skyline Exhibitor Source on Jan 29, 2016 4:44:34 PM
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Designing Tabletop Displays In Nashville: Know These Trade Secrets

Are you looking for a way to make your grand entrance into the Nashville trade show arena without breaking your budget? Consider tabletop displays in Nashville. Small, lightweight, and easy to transport table top displays in Nashville have a proven reputation for effectively going head-to-head with larger exhibits and successfully commanding crowd attention at any sized venue.

Create Effective Tabletop Displays In Nashville For Your Business

Knowing a few trade secrets can help your business optimize results with tabletop displays in Nashville. When creating your portable exhibit, use these simple tips to captivate the crowd and build your brand's marketing momentum:

Use One Big Graphic

Don't overpopulate your display with product pics and corporate imaging. Instead, use one centralized graphic to act as the anchor for the overall message you will convey.

Don't Get Wordy

Most passersby will only spend a few short seconds checking out your exhibit before moving on; overdoing the marketing copy can act as a major crowd repellant. Instead, use just a few impactful words/phrases to pique interest.

Incorporate Relevant Technology

One major perk about tabletop displays in Nashville? They are easy to accessorize. Use various innovations throughout your exhibit, such as flatscreen TV's, tablets, and laptops for a more engaging exhibit experience.

Tabletop Displays NashvilleDress Up The Table

Even the most eye-catching tabletop displays in Nashville look lackluster on top of an undressed table. Purchase a tablecloth customized with your brand imaging for an added layer of visual appeal.

Test Out Various Angles/Configurations

Many entrepreneurs assume that their tabletop displays should be placed at the back of their exhibit space. This may work well in some venues, but not in others. Test out various placements, angles, and configurations to optimize visual impact and results with your exhibit.

Get Your Team Ready

All too often, business owners rely solely on their exhibits to sell their brand and forget to get their team game day ready. Work with your attending staff members so they understand how to effectively work the crowd and optimize results with each and every engagement.

Keep It Neat

Not only will you need a well-trained team to man your portable exhibits, you will also need a neat team as well. Smaller exhibits means smaller spaces to store personal items and even corporate literature. Discuss where everyone will keep various items to ensure the space stays organized and free of unsightly messes.

Use Effective Lighting

Don't rely on the lighting provided at the venue; rent various lighting solutions to use during the event. Additionally lighting is a cost-effective way to draw crowd attention and help your exhibit stand out at even the most crowded function.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Finally, just because you have a smaller exhibit doesn't mean you can't promote your attendance as much as your competition. Create a marketing strategy for your team to reach out to both current and prospective clients so they know you will be exhibiting. Setup meetings in advance to keep a steady stream of visitors trafficking through your exhibit area for optimal event ROI.

Are you ready to get started on your tabletop displays in Nashville? Exhibitor Source Skyline's team of creative specialists can help! Contact us today for a no-risk consultation.

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