Nashville Trade Show Display Distributor, Skyline Exhibitor Source is thrilled to Announce The New Envoy® Exhibit System

Posted by Skyline Exhibitor Source on Jan 10, 2014 12:46:58 PM
Skyline Exhibitor Source

nashville-tradeshow-displaysNashville trade show display distributor, Skyline Exhibitor Source is thrilled to be a part of the winning creation: Skyline Envoy® Exhibit System.   The product transforms the way trade show displays will be shown and marketed.  At EXHIBITOR2010, the leading world conference and exhibition on trade show and corporate event marketing, the Envoy® system won a Buyers Choice award for outstanding new product.

“This product is extremely electrifying for the trade show display industry,” said John Hamari, President Exhibitor Source Nashville.  “We truly believe Envoy will change the way trade show booths are displayed.  The award only confirms our viewpoint.”

At Skyline an entire team of talents worked on Envoy, from a marketer, designer, and engineer.  What they produced was an exhibit system that took how companies could use their trade show booths to a new dimension.  Everything from branding to technology, to interacting with clients is now highlighted.

The key to Envoy’s fantastic design is the use of lightweight materials such as aluminum and fabric vs. the usual materials of wood and laminates.  In addition, it has a modular design.  All of these factors helps keep operating costs down.  Estimates are that it is 1/3 to 1/2 less than current booths of the footprint.

Due to the lesser costs and easier to handle materials, companies can now implement bigger displays, with more shapes and flexibility.  “When looking for Knoxville trade show displays, you can’t go wrong using the Envoy system,” stated John Hamari.

This incarnation of Envoy® has been dubbed “Phase II”, taking the product to an even more impressive height, taking into account what modern trader show exhibitors need.

“One of the great parts of Envoy is that it can adapt to all kinds of spaces within exhibits,” Hamari said.  “Our customers who are looking for portable exhibits in Nashville want the best of the best, and we always encourage them to go for Envoy.  We have heard nothing but praise from them all.”

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