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Skyline Exalt: Knoxville Trade Show Displays That Are Portable And Compact

For exhibitors in Knoxville, trade show displays from Skyline's Exalt line offer a complete solution in a portable, compact format. The Exalt banner stand system gives the dramatic visual of a curved backwall, flexibility and portability that one banner stands can offer, and as a bonus, the height-adjustable Exalt stands can double as tabletops displays. Used as a backwall or as stand-alone displays, these units are unparalleled in their versatility. Exalt makes it easy to promote your brand and message in polished style at every event you attend.

  • Ultra-Portable – Individual Exalt banner stands fit into a convenient packing tube for easy transport. You can combine three Exalt units to create a 10-foot backwall for your trade show booth, and pack all three of them into an optional table case with wheels. Once you've unpacked your banner stands, the case, wrapped in custom graphics, serves as a table during the show. Individual tubes fit easily into any car, and the table case will fit into most cars.
  • Easiest Set-Up Ever – Exalt's retractable banner stands are lightweight, and cleverly designed for fast, simple set up. With no tools and no engineering degree required, a single person can set up an entire 10-foot backwall, complete with spotlights, in just a few minutes. If you want the curved backwall setup, all you need to do is flip a lever on each side panel. That's it. If you want to use Exalt as a tabletop display, just adjust the banner pole's height, set it on the table, and you're done.
  • Change It Up – If your company frequently rolls out new products, Knoxville trade show displayschanges its message seasonally, or you shift your marketing focus depending upon the market you're working in, you may want to change your graphics fairly often. With banner graphics, this is easy and economical, and better yet, you can install a new banner in the retractable cartridge of your Exalt stand in seconds. No hassles, no tools, no problem.
  • End Configuration Nightmares – Have you ever arrived at a show to find that your standard 10-foot booth space was measured wrong, and it's only 9.5 feet wide? And the neighboring booths have already set up? If you're using a single-panel backwall, that's a bad day. Using banner stands, it's barely a bump in the road, and with Exalt's curve-in feature, it's not even a consideration. If you attend a show with non-standard sizes like 12-foot booths, just space your banner stands across the space. It's good to have options, isn’t it?
  • Get The Word Out – Because Exalt banner stands can also be used as stand-alone pieces, they're a great choice for placing your message outside your booth to attract more traffic. Place them around the coffee bar, in hallways where people will wait in lines for panels, or out on the patios.

Keep Your Options Open With Exalt

If flexibility, mobility, and minimal set-up labor are important factors in your company's trade show marketing plan, banner stands are a smart choice. For businesses in Knoxville, trade show displays from Skyline Exhibitor Source provide options to create as simple or elaborate a booth exhibit as the situation calls for. You're not committed to any configuration or set of graphics, ever. To learn more about Exalt trade show display and how your company can increase its engagement and conversion rate at trade shows with Skyline products and services from Exhibitor Source, contact us online or by phone at 865-673-3457.

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