Augmented Reality: Hands On

Augmented Reality at Trade Show

  • Augmented Reality "See Inside the Product": Try the iPads fitted with Augmented Reality and experience what show attendees experienced at the ACE show.
  • Each seminar attendee will have the opportunity to interact in this augmented reality demo for a minute or two, ask questions, and experiment
  • We will explain this case study, the results, the costs, the advantage and the possible risks
  • Other demo options will be shown as well

Many of us are familiar with a related term "augmented reality" (AR).  But both of these technologies are still new enough that no matter how familiar they are, you may not know what they actually are.

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to look at a real, live physical space or object.  You are literally interacting with the real world, but using a device (a tablet, smart phone or holographic lens system) with virtual elements added into your view.  The virtual additions are not real, but they seem to be part of the real world when you view them through the device.


When you visit us, we will give you the chance to interact with an actual AR experience. You will have the opportunity to view a project from one of our clients. There will be an actual fire hydrant in our showroom (no water, so you can leave the bathing suit at home), and we will provide you with an iPad to use. You will be able to walk around the fire hydrant and see different points of interest appear on the iPad screen over top of the hydrant. By touching the screen, more information about that particular feature of the hydrant will appear.

Step into the possibility of augmenting your reality!


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This article was inspired by "10 Mistakes Exhibitors Make" by Reggie Lyons which first appeared at