3 Ways To Make Your Portable Displays In Knoxville Shine

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Mar 20, 2017 12:37:53 PM
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3 Ways To Make Your Portable Displays In Knoxville Shine

There are a lot of compelling reasons to use portable trade show displays when exhibiting in Knoxville. They're lightweight and easy to transport; they're simple to set up and dismantle; and they're fully customizable to complement your brand.

It also doesn't hurt that these compact, convenient exhibits are less costly than full-scale structures that take up a large section of the show floor.

The question is, how can you get maximum mileage from your portable trade show exhibits, and do so at every event? We'll show you. Following are three simple ideas for making these show assets shine so they immediately attract the attention of your target audience.

Portable Displays Knoxville#1 - Give Your Portable Displays A Facelift

It's natural for things to change over time. For example, you might alter your company's pricing structure; you may change your messaging; or you might decide to replace timeworn graphics with cutting-edge images that better reflect your brand.

All show assets need to be “tuned up” on occasion. Some changes might warrant a complete redesign. Others may only need a few minor tweaks. Whatever the case, updating your displays can be an effective way to excite your audience and draw them to your booth.

#2 - Add Special Lighting

In an ocean of exhibits, it's easy for yours to blend in with all the others. That's a problem. Attendees are inclined to ignore your booth if it fails to stand out from the crowd.

This is a good reason to add special lighting to your portable displays. It can give your exhibits a sense of mystique. The added light can also make your displays easier to read.

The volume of light isn't the most important factor. Rather, think about how to use light creatively to pique the curiosity of passersby. For example, accent lights that illuminate your banner stands can make your exhibit seem stylish and even avant-garde. Backdrop lighting positioned behind fabric pop-up displays can give them panache, intriguing attendees walking near enough to see them. Hanging lights can give your displays - indeed, your entire booth - a decorative elegance.

Good lighting can set the mood and make your portable displays in Knoxville irresistible.

#3 - Take Advantage Of Trade Show Accessories

There are likely a number of accessories you're not fully leveraging. They can add both style and functionality to your exhibit.

For example, suppose your exhibit is comprised of a couple backwall displays and a table behind which your staff greets visitors. Why not add a tabletop display and an attractive table cover? It's an opportunity to attract attendees with focused, concise messaging. It'll also encourage your booth staff to come around the table to engage with visitors.

Or suppose your portable exhibit is made up of a backwall and a couple banner stands. Why not add an iPad-appointed kiosk that allows visitors to explore your company's products at their leisure? Or add a workstation for demos. Or a table that doubles as an attractive display case. Or lightweight literature holders that can help de-clutter the rest of your booth.

The point is that you may be overlooking trade show accessories that can improve the function, character, and ambiance of your portable exhibits.

Portable displays can deliver just as big of an impact as larger structures, such as island exhibits and modular inline displays. Much depends on their design. Use the three tips above to help your pop-ups, backwalls, banner stands, and other show assets receive the attention they deserve.

Skyline Exhibitor Source specializes in producing innovative, cutting-edge trade show solutions for today's ambitious exhibitors. Our twenty-five years of in-the-trenches experience has helped up to revolutionize the industry. Contact us to have our team build a fully customized exhibiting presence for you that's sure to turn heads at your next event.

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