4 Types Of Portable Displays Used In Nashville Trade Shows

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Apr 19, 2017 2:29:34 PM
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4 Types Of Portable Displays Used In Nashville Trade Shows

While large trade show exhibits can make a huge impression on attendees, they're not always necessary. In some cases, depending on space constraints and the size of the event, they may even less preferable than portable displays. Nashville shows are often held in small venues that make smaller, more convenient, portable exhibits a boon.

These smaller displays come in a variety of formats. Importantly, they can be customized to suit your brand, and configured to optimize your efforts to collect qualified leads.

Below, we'll describe the four most common types of portable displays you'll see at Nashville events. Easy to set up and simple to take down, they're among the most versatile show assets available to you.

Portable Displays Nashville#1 - Banner Stands

In terms of affordability, versatility, and ease of use, it's hard to beat the humble banner stand. Comprised of a sturdy metal base, discrete tension arm, and retractable graphics, these portable displays have a small footprint. That makes them ideal when booth space is limited.

But don't be fooled by their diminutive size. Adorned with high-quality images and a compelling message, they can have a huge impact on attendees walking near your booth.

#2 - Backwalls And Panel Systems

Backwall displays and panel systems are perfect complements to a small exhibit. The former are usually single pieces, either straight or curved for effect. The latter are comprised of multiple pieces (typically two or three), which are connected via unobtrusive seams.

You'll frequently see these portable displays in Nashville shows because they're easy to install and dismantle, and deliver high impact for their size. They're also lightweight and easy to transport.

#3 - Pop-Up Displays

Along with banner stands, pop-ups are the most commonly used portable displays in Nashville. Comprised of a compact, durable frame that expands when triggered, they can be designed to show eye-catching graphics that draw attendees to your booth.

Pop-ups are highly valued by budget-conscious exhibitors. But their value extends far beyond mere affordability. Like other portable displays, pop-ups have a small footprint, deliver a big impact, and are easy to set up and take down. Moreover, they can be transported from show to show without help from third parties. And they can be customized to complement your brand and fit the configuration of your exhibit.

#4 - Tabletop Displays

For exhibitors on a tight budget, tabletop displays offer a welcome solution. They can essentially be a booth or be used to accessorize a booth.

Like most portable displays, they're lightweight and easy to transport. They're also simple to set up and take down. Most importantly, these show assets can be customized with your logo, messaging, and any other design elements related to your brand.

Display crisp, bold images that catch the attention of passersby. Present concise messaging that makes clear your company's mission and the reasons attendees should care. Show brand elements that make your booth instantly recognizable to your customers.

At trade shows held in Nashville, portable displays are popular with savvy exhibitors who know from experience that big doesn't always mean better. On the contrary, small, versatile, and customizable accessories like banner stands, backwalls, pop-ups, and tabletops can be designed to steal the show.

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