5 Steps To A Smooth Knoxville Trade Show Installation

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Apr 26, 2017 2:32:24 PM
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5 Steps To A Smooth Knoxville Trade Show Installation

Of all the processes involved with exhibiting in Knoxville, trade show installations are among the most commonly overlooked. That's understandable, especially if you're exhibiting with portable display systems. They're the epitome of do-it-yourself ease and convenience. That being the case, there's no need to hire an I&D team.

Knoxville-Trade-Show-InstallationBut if you intend to exhibit with a large structural presence, installation and dismantle should be at the top of your list of priorities. If anything is going to go wrong at an event, it's bound to happen during the I&D process.

With that in mind, here's a simple 5-step blueprint for ensuring the install and dismantle go smoothly at your next show.

Step #1: Plan Ahead

This advice might sound trite at first. But planning ahead gives you an opportunity to streamline the I&D process. This can make a huge difference with regard to costs and convenience.

Take your graphics as an example. You can ask the I&D team to apply them at the show. Or you can have your exhibit house do it for you beforehand. Tasking your install crew with the job will increase your costs since you'll be paying for their help by the hour.

Planning ahead will help you to minimize the number of hours needed to complete your trade show installation. Knoxville exhibitors who plan ahead stand to save a significant amount of money.

Step #2: Familiarize Yourself With Union Rules

If you hire union labor to install and dismantle your exhibit, invest the time to learn what to expect. Determine what you can do yourself and what your I&D team is obligated to do for you. It may be possible to save time and money by handling some tasks on your own.

Also, go through the contract with a fine-toothed comb to identify clauses that might affect your Knoxville trade show installation. For example, what does the contract say about overtime? What does it specify regarding holiday rates and availability?

The goal is to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Step #3: Hire An Experienced I&D Team

Not every laborer who installs and dismantles trade show exhibits has experience in doing so. A lot depends on how they're hired. For example, if you bring a general contractor aboard, he or she might have a financial incentive to bring in low-skilled union labor. Doing so can be done at a lower cost, which allows your contractor to keep more money in his or her pocket.

The problem is, a low-skilled crew is likely to be less effective and less efficient than an experienced crew. That can expose your exhibit to problems while increasing your costs.

If you're working with an exhibit house, ask your contact to recommend a trade show installation and dismantle team. He or she will be able to direct you to a crew that has experience.

Step #4: Get To The Venue Before Your I&D Team

A number of things need to happen before your installation crew can start working. For example, the space you've rented should be properly marked according to the dimensions of your exhibit. If the wrong dimensions are used, you may find that the electrical outlets are in the wrong position. Or worse, they don't provide sufficient power.

It pays to arrive at the convention hall early, before your installation team arrives. That'll give you an opportunity to make certain there are no problems that might hamper your crew from doing its job in the time allotted.

Step #5: Create An Exit Plan

The takedown is just as important as the installation. So it pays to plan everything ahead of time.

Following the install, talk to your contractor or exhibit house about the dismantling details. For example, what day and time will the dismantle team arrive? Can you request the team that installed your exhibit? Is it possible to note which crates and pallets will be used to ship various components of your exhibit once it has been taken down?

The better you plan the dismantle process, the fewer problems you'll face and the more time and money you'll save.

Setup and takedown, both crucial services, are often overlooked by exhibitors. But this is where things oftentimes go off the rails. Use the 5-step plan above to streamline the process, and lower your stress and your expenses along the way.

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