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50 Things a Booth Staffer May Do...

When I was in college, I worked summers at our city’s publishing house. I had the lofty title of “Office Staff.” I always hated that title because it conjured up images of a slothful slacker who was hard on the rolling chair they were plopped in all day. Anyway, another reason I felt disdain for the title was that I was so much MORE than “office staff.” I had so many jobs in that office – errand boy, social planner, events coordinator, warm body to guard the phones and the office, and more – that I sometimes wondered how on earth they operated when I was away at college! I figured I was the hardest working person in the building. I’m not sure what I wanted my title to be, but whatever it was, it needed to cover a LOT of areas!

The booth staff at your trade shows are a lot like I was in that job – they wear a lot of hats, they have a wide variety of skills, they are flexible and quick to adjust, they have a strong work ethic, and they keep a great attitude while doing it all. While it might look to the outsider like the booth staff is merely eye candy to attract visitors and garner business, that’s only the tip of the multi-tasking iceberg that a booth staffer is. And while they might not complain about their lowly title, they definitely want you to know how crucial they are to the operation.

Take a look at this (not-at-all-exclusive) list of things trade show booth staffers do before, during, and after the show!


  1. Track down competitive intelligence
  2. Enter each prospect interaction into a lead machine or card
  3. Roll out new products
  4. Gather market research
  5. Transform into a brand ambassador
  6. Cull useful research, then sort
  7. Connect with possible vendors
  8. Forge new business alliances
  9. Network among industry peers
  10. Install your trade show exhibit… maybe
  11. Get your exhibit space ready for the trade show
  12. Capture leads
  13. Move the buying cycle
  14. Treat all attendees like a potential client
  15. Engage attendees
  16. Spark relationships with prospects
  17. Qualify attendees
  18. Present how the organization can meet specific needs
  19. Overcome objections
  20. Manage the paperwork on each potential lead
  21. Present to one and all
  22. Demonstrate products
  23. Do interviews to industry press
  24. Answer technical questions
  25. Field all the questions you could dream up
  26. Recruit potential team members
  27. Listen in on keynote and seminar sessions
  28. Entertain individual clients and prospects
  29. Attend hospitality events
  30. Work hospitality events
  31. Be the de-clutter cops in the booth – get rid of accumulated cups, empty water bottles, and other trash
  32. Spot-clean the booth surfaces and flooring
  33. Enter leads into your CRM
  34. Fix technical glitches with computers & internet connections or find someone who can
  35. Rank leads by quality and pass along high quality leads right away
  36. Restock promotional items, literature shelves, business cards and candy bowls
  37. Unwrap giveaways (or wrap with company branded paper)
  38. Serve food and drink to prospects
  39. Meet with existing clients
  40. Refill lead form print pads and staplers
  41. Take minimal breaks
  42. Walk the show floor to get a read on the industry
  43. Teach rookie staffers
  44. Learn from veteran staffers


  1. Share with management their insights about the attendees’ needs
  2. Share with management thoughts about what went well and what didn’t
  3. Dismantle the displays and exhibit
  4. Ensure the crates come back
  5. Ensure the exhibit gets to its destination expediently
  6. Stand at the ready to fill in any gaps!

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Just reading this list is exhausting! Imagine how crucial it is for each item on the list to be done. What if no one qualified leads? What if everyone decided it was someone else’s job to pick up booth trash and wipe down sticky surfaces? What if no one had the initiative or prowess to notice the pulse of the industry at a particular trade show? Each one of these smaller jobs adds to the massive job of competent, valuable booth staffer.

Because the job is so entailed, it’s critical to choose booth staffers who know how to roll up their sleeves and work hard on the mundane tasks, and then roll them down again and put on a big smile to greet attendees. Honestly, your booth staff is the lifeblood of your trade show. They get it going, keep it going, and set the pace. For this reason, match staff with the appropriate jobs – you don’t want your top salesman refilling lead pads and you don’t want your latest rookie meeting with top business partners. Choose wisely; delegate wisely. Let your staff do what they each do best, and you will reap the benefit!

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 This article is inspired by "44 Things A Booth Staffer Does" by Mike Thimmesch and first appeared at

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