7 Keys To Creating Head-Turning Tabletop Displays

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Feb 20, 2017 2:52:28 PM
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7 Keys To Creating Head-Turning Tabletop Displays

Tabletop Displays KnoxvilleIt's easy to underestimate the impact of tabletop displays. At Knoxville events, exhibitors often show up with big booths adorned with flashy graphics. It's tempting to assume smaller show assets will get lost in the shuffle.

But in truth, size isn't the deciding factor. It's design. With a keen eye for detail and intuition regarding what will draw your audience's attention, you can create head-turning tabletop displays that'll deliver maximum impact. We'll give you seven actionable ideas to that end below. Put them to use and these compact show assets, often dismissed as inconsequential, will give attendees a compelling reason to visit your booth.

#1 - Headline A Single, Large Graphic

When you use tabletop displays in Knoxville, you face two challenges: limited space and fleeting attendee attention. Both challenges can be overcome by using a single, eye-catching graphic.

The limited space doesn't afford you the room to use multiple images. Doing so will only make the area appear cluttered. And clutter will dilute the visual impact of your displays.

Use one large, high-quality graphic. On its own, it has the greatest chance of drawing attendees' attention.

#2 - Deliver A Single, Brief Message

You only have a few seconds to pique the curiosity of the folks who walk near your booth. That's the case whether you're exhibiting with small, portable trade show displays or structures that carry a larger footprint.

If you want your tabletops to grab attention, make sure your message is concise and ultra-focused. Don't include a long list of benefits. Don't use an entire sentence when a few words will suffice.

#3 - Make Readability A Priority

Attendees must be able to read the message on your tabletop displays without having to struggle. That means using fonts designed for easy readability. Examples include Arial, Times New Roman, Cooper Black, and Impact.

Resist the temptation to use stylish, but hard-to-read, fonts. This isn't the time to use Papyrus, Comic Sans, or Brush Script.  Keep it simple.

#4 - Prune Nonessential Text

Many exhibitors assume the tough part is coming up with something to say on their tabletop displays in Knoxville. But the real challenge is knowing how to say it in as few words as possible.

Wordiness won't ingratiate you to attendees. Brevity is your friend. The fewer words you use, the greater their impact.

#5 - Use Colors That Complement Your Text And Image

When it comes to choosing background colors for your displays, the most important thing to keep in mind is how they contrast with your text and image. Your aim is twofold: optimize readability and avoid creating an eyesore.

For example, if your text is white, avoid using a yellow background. Otherwise, attendees won't be able to read the text. If your image is green, avoid using an orange background. Many attendees will find the color combination to be repellant.

There's a simple way to pick colors that create a nice contrasting effect: use a color wheel.

#6 - Incorporate Minimalism

Don't litter your tabletops with brochures, business cards, and other marketing collateral. Although it may seem like a good use of space, especially if you're exhibiting with a small booth, the clutter will do more harm than good.

Give your tabletop displays a clean, minimalist look. Keep the table clear of marketing literature, lead-generation forms, coffee cups, and trash. Attendees are more likely to visit if your booth appears tidy and organized.

#7 - Leverage Creative Lighting

You invested valuable resources into making your Knoxville tabletop displays as visually arresting as they can be. Don't waste the effort by relying on the venue's lighting to illuminate them. Incorporate your own lighting to showcase your displays and ensure passersby see them.

A few up lights or arm lights, each armed with 200-watt bulbs, should be plenty. It's a cost-effective way to make your displays stand out.

Don't dismiss tabletop displays as ineffectual simply due to their size. Design plays a major role in impacting attendees. Use the seven suggestions above to create tabletops that draw visitors and make an indelible impression.

Twenty-five years of hard-won experience in event marketing has made Skyline Exhibitor Source the premier trade show exhibit manufacturer in Tennessee. We offer a full range of options, from small rental properties to large-scale exhibits. Contact us online to discover how our team of specialists can help make your next show a success.

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