Don't Make These 7 Mistakes With Your Trade Show Exhibits

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Dec 16, 2016 1:22:36 PM
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Don't Make These 7 Mistakes With Your Trade Show Exhibits!

Nashville Trade Show ExhibitsMistakes were made.”

These words are often said in reference to bungled undertakings. You can avoid saying them about your Nashville trade show exhibits by planning ahead and anticipating potential challenges.

You've no doubt seen the same exhibiting mistakes made at every show. Surprisingly, it's not just the novice exhibitors who make them. Experienced event marketers fall into the same traps, costing themselves visibility, leads, and lucrative business in the process.

How can avoid the same fate? Keep the following seven blunders in mind when planning your next show. If you can sidestep all seven, you'll enjoy a significant advantage over your competition.

Mistake #1: Cutting Corners On Booth Design

It's understandable that you want to save money. The good news is that there are many ways to do so. For example, you can rent, rather than buy, a large, impressive exhibit. Or you can invest in a smaller, more convenient portable trade show display.

The last thing you'd want to do is scrimp on design. The design of your exhibit will influence how visitors experience your brand. This isn't the place to cut corners.

Mistake #2: Using Low-Quality Graphics

Your graphics are the first thing attendees will see. To that end, they dictate whether or not attendees decide to visit your trade show exhibits in Nashville.

No one is impressed with cheap, low-resolution graphics. They make a poor first impression, scare away would-be visitors, and will end up costing you valuable leads.

Mistake #3: Too Much Clutter On Your Displays

Your displays have an important job: they must capture attendees' attention and compel them to visit your booth. And they need to accomplish that goal within a few seconds.

Your graphics and copy must send a clear message. The simplest, most effective approach is to be concise. Remove any element that clutters your displays and dilutes their potency.

Speaking of display copy...

Mistake #4: Failing To Communicate Benefits

When attendees see your banners and displays, they don't ask themselves, “What do these products do?” They ask themselves “Why should I care?

Use the limited space to convey the benefits your products offer. For example, advertising with a descriptor may look like this: a pair of shoes aren't merely durable. This doesn't illustrate the inherent benefits of the product. Here's how one might advertise that benefit: their durability ensures they'll provide comfort for years. This illustrates exactly what attendees stand to gain from using your products.

Mistake #5: Using Too Small Of An Exhibit

A small booth can definitely make an impression and draw a significant amount of foot traffic. But larger structures tend to be more effective on both fronts. Their size has greater impact on attendees, aided by bigger graphics that turn heads.

A limited budget doesn't consign you to using a small booth. One option many exhibitors choose is to rent a larger structure. Depending on its configuration, its cost is likely to be lower despite giving you the opportunity to exhibit with greater impact.

Mistake #6: Failing To Use Quality Lighting

A well-lit booth is warm and welcoming. It attracts people because it appears approachable. Good lighting also makes it easier for passersby to see and read your displays. That further tempts them to visit.

Don't expect the venue's lighting to be sufficient. Be proactive and take matters into your own hands. Install lighting fixtures that highlight your banners, graphics, and message, and showcase the best elements of your brand.

Mistake #7: Exhibiting With A Dilapidated Booth

Is your booth starting to show its age? Are signs of wear and tear becoming difficult to hide? If so, it's time to invest in a new exhibit.

Whether you buy a portable trade show booth or rent a larger structural presence, its impeccable condition will breathe fresh air into your brand image. It's one of the easiest ways to impress your audience and draw them in.

If you intend to exhibit at an upcoming event, take a hard look at your trade show booth. Is it up to the task? Or is it likely to cost you valuable leads? If the latter case is true, now's the time to take steps that'll help to ensure your next show is a successful one.

Skyline Exhibitor Source designs innovative trade show displays that help exhibitors make their best impressions on show attendees. Its design experts use state-of-the-art materials and systems to ensure each exhibit meets the highest standards. Everything is produced in-house to guarantee design consistency and quality.

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