The Advantages of Portable Trade Show Displays

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jul 25, 2017 3:25:22 PM
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Portable Trade Show Displays

As many exhibitors and trade show attendees know, trade show booths and displays come in all different shapes and sizes. Each booth or display is serving a distinct purpose for the company they represent. For companies with vast inventories, they may go with a large exhibit to ensure that all of their products can be displayed. Other exhibitors may go the route of creative trade show displays that capture the attendees’ attention upon first glance. Of course, those aren’t the only trade show display options seen at trade shows and the decision to choose which display would work Portable Trade Show Displaysbest for you and your brand. For those companies that vehemently attend trade shows, portable trade show displays may be the perfect fit for those companies.

Portable trade show displays offer a different element when it comes to showcasing your brand. There are conveniences that many wouldn’t expect and just because your portable display, is portable doesn’t mean you have to skip out on quality and colorfully noticeable displays. If your company or brand hasn’t explored the option of portable trade show displays and all they have to offer, there may be a few things to consider in regards to what they offer.

The Advantages of Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable trade show displays come with a variety of advantages and offer a form of efficiency one may not expect. There are going to be many factors that play a part in the decision of acquiring a trade show display and here are some of the advantages offered by portable displays that may help make that decision a little easier to make.

  • Cost Efficient – Portable displays help save your company money on installation and take-down fees. They are also more convenient to transport, presenting another money saving opportunity and leaving more money in your budget for other important functions.
  • Time Savers – Though redundant to a degree, the time saved from the installation process can be served to network and focus your efforts on other duties that need to be completed before the trade show begins.
  • Flexibility – Of course your company wants to save money. Portable trade show displays offer a level of flexibility, allowing you to adapt your display from show to show.
  • Big Impact – Just because you have a portable display doesn’t mean the visual appeal has to lack. You will get the graphics that showcase your brand proudly and clearly.
  • Lightweight – Portable trade show displays are typically lighter than your full-sized exhibit and in many cases, can be transported in an SUV.
  • Easy to update – Portable displays are made to withstand many installation and take-down processes because many of the parts “snap” in place. This functionality allows for upgrades and updates when needed.
  • Variety – Investing in a portable display doesn’t mean you are confined to limited options and types of displays. Portable trade show displays come in all varieties such as tabletop displays, banner stands and pop-up displays.

Skyline Exhibitor Source Portable Trade Show Displays

Portable displays are a great option for the frequent trade show goer. They offer price saving advantages and can be transported easily in a vehicle. You don’t have to worry about losing out on all the large exhibits have to offer simply because you have a portable trade show display.

Skyline Exhibitor Source has been providing some of the most cutting-edge portable trade show displays for over 25 years. For more information on portable displays and all they have to offer, contact us today at 615-287-9800 or 888-256-3318.


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