Are You Making The Common Mistakes With Your Nashville Trade Show Exhibits?

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Apr 10, 2015 11:28:37 AM
Exhibitor Source

Do you feel like, when it comes to successfully drawing a crowd at your Nashville trade show exhibits, you are somehow always coming up short? The answer to your lackluster performance may be simpler than you think. For many live marketing exhibitors, falling into a few common executional missteps can make all the difference between fading into the showroom background and catapulting ahead of the competitive pack.

If you are struggling to dominate the live event marketing arena, consider some of the most popular mistakes business owners make with their Nashville trade show exhibits:


Too much booth: Think about the type of events you attend; do you see a common trend with other Nashville trade show exhibits in the room? If you are bringing a full-sized booth to a function with mostly portable stands, you may instantly intimidate attendees. Also, even if there are other full-sized booths in the room, not having enough manpower to fill the exhibit can make you seem severely understaffed.

Too little booth: Likewise, setting up just a banner stand to go head-to-head with full-sized and portable stands may make your company seem like it's fledgling…or like it's folding. At Skyline Exhibitor Source, we can help you achieve perfect booth balance that instantly commands attention from any crowd.

Poor Graphics: Beyond the size of your Nashville trade show exhibits, your graphics can also play a major role in whether guests want to stop into your stand. Low quality and cluttered images not only tell your guests virtually nothing about you, they also make your organization seem inferior to others presenting on the showroom floor.

Unprepared Staff: While the booth visually promotes your products to the live audience, your employees verbally promote your products. Many entrepreneurs underestimate the value of having a highly-trained and experienced staff manning their Nashville trade show exhibits. Don't be one of them; role play before every function, or even offer to allow professional training, so your team knows how to handle any situation that may arise during a function.

No Outlined Goals: Are you confident that everyone on your team has the same goals when manning your Nashville trade show exhibits? Ask them; you may be surprised to find out that your straightforward objectives don't even make their priority list. Before each function, brainstorm goals with your team, as well as how you will hit them to avoid this major marketing hiccup.

Never Leaving The Booth: Oftentimes, business owners assume that they should never leave their stands during the event. However, this can mean missing out on some major marketing opportunities. While it's true there should always be at least 1-2 employees manning your booth at all times, you should always encourage your staff to take turns walking around the floor to network. It's the perfect chance to make connections with potential affiliates, as well as check out what the competition is offering to your targeted consumer demographic.


If you feel like you're not maximizing results with your Nashville trade show exhibits, Skyline Exhibitor Source can help. Contact us to start revitalizing your live marketing approach today.

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