Avoiding Snafus With Your Nashville Trade Show Displays

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jan 8, 2014 11:53:31 AM
Exhibitor Source

Careful planning ahead of time when you're traveling to trade shows can help you avoid most unexpected problems, but there will be those moments when your display doesn't arrive as promised or something arrives damaged despite your best efforts. You may also run into trouble if you have a smashing new exhibit but are working with booth staff who aren't familiar with it. That's why Skyline Exhibitor Source always stresses the importance of planning ahead for true tradeshow success.

Practice Makes Perfect

Investing in brand new Nashville trade show displays for your next event can be a great way to give your company a fresh face and great impact, but don't make the mistake of shipping it out without taking your event staff through a few practice runs. That means making sure they know how to set it up and break it down if need be; you can't always rely on the timely services of a set-up crew on the day of the event. Once they've practiced setting it up, do a few dry runs so they can get used to the new layout and the footprint they'll be working in. They need to feel comfortable and confident in the space to make a good impression.

Have A Back-Up Plan For Missing Nashville Trade Show Displays

You've just found out that your Nashville trade show displays were actually shipped to Toledo, Ohio by the airline. What do you do? Immediately start looking for local rental companies that can provide you with a reasonable substitute, whether it's a pop-up display or a snap-together unit that can be tailored to your needs. The two or three day rental fee will be worth it; after all, you're already there so you have plenty invested. Don't make it a total loss by trying to save money on rentals. If you have some elements in your display, such as portable pop-ups, consider bringing those with you so that you have something to work with even if the larger components are missing.

Alleviate Damages With A Repair Kit

What if your Nashville trade show displays show up on time but are damaged? For small repairs, you should have a repair toolbox with duct tape (the standby of all good handymen), pliers, screws and screwdrivers (one Phillips, one flathead), a hammer, a wrench, extension cords, extra light bulbs and a few power strips. These will enable you to do most repairs and give you some flexibility if your space isn't exactly laid out in the best way possible.

Plan For The Worst Case Scenario

Whenever possible, pack your graphics separately so that you can take those with you or ship them ahead through a reliable courier so that you don't have to pay for a rush print job even if the framework doesn't arrive on time. Even better, take a flash drive with you that contains all of your graphics so that if you do need to do a rush print job, you have everything ready to send to a local printer. At Skyline Exhibitor Source, we can quickly turn around a rush job so that you don't miss a beat on the event floor. If you discover that your Nashville trade show displays haven't arrived, you can contact us at 615.287.9800 for a quick and professional turn-around on all your emergency exhibit needs.

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