How To Best Utilize Tabletop Displays

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jan 13, 2014 9:46:27 AM
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Marketers are always searching for new tools and methods to attract potential client attention, and over the years many methods have ebbed and flowed in popularity. But, if there's been one constant in the world of visual marketing throughout the decades, it's been reliable tabletop displays. For marketers using tabletop displays, or elsewhere at marketing events throughout the US and abroad, these small, extremely portable and cost-effective exhibits continue to prove invaluable for clearly presenting a message to an audience. They're so easy to use that mini marketing exhibits offer users a slew of potential uses -- from small internal meetings to huge tradeshows with thousands of attendees.

Five Applications Of Tabletop Displays

Whether you opt for a simple, universally recognized folding board style design, or a more modern frame and canvas or even inflatable model, here are five ways to utilize tabletop displays:

  • At Tradeshows - When most people think of tabletop displays they immediately associate them with tradeshow marketing. The tradeshow is where marketing exhibits truly shine, and table-mounted models are still a popular choice for small companies and major corporations alike. At shows where space is at a premium, a fold-out marketing board can be used as the primary focus. At larger events a multi-piece modular exhibit may utilize table-mounted visuals as just a part of the overall design. Whatever the format, tradeshows will continue to be home to many of these mini marketing wonders.
  • At Presentations - Business presentations offer another opportunity to utilize tabletop displays. Not only is information more likely to be absorbed when presented visually, but the exhibit can serve as a backdrop for the presenter, allowing attendees to follow along as a speech or talk is given.
  • As In-House Exhibits - Many businesses are choosing to let their marketing materials pull double duty by serving as corporate exhibits at their facility when they're not out on the road. Why spend the time and money on graphics just to pack them away in a storage room when not in use? By setting up a dedicated space to house the display, employees and visitors can benefit from its content as well.
  • As A Sales Tool - There are table-mounted designs to suit any need, and many can be outfitted with product shelves or hooks to act as merchandising stands or sample racks. Rather than just static pictures, actual merchandise can be displayed vertically for added impact in any setting.
  • To Recruit - One final area where tabletop displays shine is as a recruiting tool. Much like in a tradeshow environment, a small exhibit is perfect for situations where space is limited. With the table-mounted marketing visuals always working in the background, recruiting event staff can spend their time meeting candidates face-to-face rather than having to explain every aspect of the business.

These are just a few of the ways marketers are using tabletop displays. For a look at all of the options we offer, visit our portfolio.

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