Beyond Trade Show Installation At Nashville Events: Prepping Your Business For Maximum Success

Posted by Exhibitor Source on May 19, 2014 11:48:08 AM
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trade show installation nashvilleHave you been so focused on optimizing your trade show installation at Nashville live events that you feel other areas of your exhibition have faltered? You're certainly not alone; here at Skyline Nashville, we often partner with clients who initially assume that an efficient trade show installation at a Nashville event is all that is required to dominate the showroom floor.

Unfortunately, setup alone isn't all that's needed for ultimate return on investment. Here at Skyline Nashville, we know firsthand that enjoying a seamless trade show installation at Nashville events does plays a critical role in overall event success. However, a business' trade show installation is just one facet of a complex and complete final presentation. Focusing on getting all of the elements of your business display pulled together and forgetting about other critical details can prove a major (and costly!) mistake. To make sure that you've thought of everything beyond the trade show installation, we've put together a helpful check list to refer to when planning your next expo appearance. Our tips include:

Request An Exhibitor's Manual For Your Event

All too often, business owners fail to request an exhibitor's manual for the venue they are presenting at. Every hosting facility has its own unique set of requirements and regulations that you'll want to brush up on before you set foot on the showroom floor. Reviewing this manual can also help answer any key questions you may have before you sign a contract.

Create A Detailed Outline Of Your Needs

Businesses working an industry event need to manage a myriad of logistics; trade show flooring, utilities, supplies and booth accessories are just some of the many things you'll want to consider before event day. Creating a detailed list of the services and products you'll require for success can help keep you focused and eliminate anything from falling through the cracks.

Study Showroom Layout And Traffic Flow

Every venue offers its own distinctive traffic flow and audience differentiators, making it important to study showroom layout before the function date. Identifying vision obstructions (think pillars, ductwork, ceiling drops) and the location of the restrooms in connection with your booth can help you strategize your plan of action.

Plan For Power During Trade Show Installation In Nashville

Yes, most venues provide some type of power for booths; however, that doesn't mean that they all do. Call ahead to the venue to ensure that you are ready to plan for needed power accordingly. A portable generator can prove an invaluable investment -- should the power go out unexpectedly at the venue, your booth will still have the power it needs to impress passersby.

Don't Forget Comfort Can Be Key

It's no secret that delivering a visually-compelling and informative trade show display is crucial at any given event; however, it's also important to consider the comfort factor for visiting guests. Cushioned flooring, chairs and even plush carpeting can prove welcome to the wandering masses and encourage them to stay into your booths longer than those of the competition.

Ready to optimize success at your next Nashville event? We can help. Visit us today for valuable tips and exhibitor ideas.

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