Don't Let a Cancelled Trade Show Cancel Your Marketing Goals

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Aug 18, 2020 10:45:00 AM
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Maintain Marketing Momentum

Canceled! Postponed! Rescheduled! TBA! What’s a marketing department to do when trade shows and events can’t be put on the calendar in ink?! All this penciling in and erasing is likely to drive even the most hardcore marketing folks crazy. But never fear. You don’t have to wait until trade shows resume to pick up with your marketing goals. Making lemonade out of lemons is part of a marketer’s job, and here are several ways you can make the sweetest lemonade during this stagnant summer season.

  • Keep Your Schedule:  Keep your meetings. Keep up with clients. Keep reaching out. As much as possible, keep on keeping on. Keep your marketing day as normal as possible, and try to avoid cancelling what you can on your end.
  • Embrace Digital Events:  Your clients’ needs didn’t disappear because an event was cancelled. Now might be the time to explore another strategy – virtual events -- for reaching your audience.
  • Launch New Products:  If you were already planning to launch a product at your event, go ahead and do it. Create a virtual event in the form of a webinar, a live release on social media, or a presentation that mimics your event. Instead of putting the brakes on a launch, punch the gas!
  • Beef Up Your Website:  While you’re grounded, take a look at your marketing “wingman” – your website. Does it convey what you offer? Does it have a clear CTA? Does it reflect your company’s mission? Once you’ve looked at the visuals, move to the content. Is it clear how your products and services can solve your clients’ problems? Is your FAQs page helpful and current? Do you need some 3D product models to make a better impression?
  • Grow Your Audience:  Since you’re not going to be getting leads at a trade show, now is the time to look for other ways to connect and grow. Ramp up your social media presence. Have an email blast. Offer a giveaway or contest. Have people sign up for your newsletter and offer them a special gift once they leave their email.
  • Increase Videos and Webinars:  Since you won’t be seeing customers and clients in person, your only option is to create exposure in another way. Videos and webinars are the best way to let your clients see your face, your business, your energy and feel like they are still part of something organic and dynamic. Keep your videos short and quality. Keep your webinars informative, interesting, and relevant.

A canceled trade show doesn’t have to slow down your marketing goals. It’s an opportunity to get creative, to think outside the booth, to be inspired to try new ideas in order to reach your customers’ needs. Skyline Exhibits is right there with you! We’re ready to work with you anyway we can to grow your business..


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