The Case For Double-Deck Knoxville Trade Show Displays

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Dec 16, 2016 1:32:16 PM
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The Case For Double-Deck Knoxville Trade Show Displays

For exhibitors looking for a unique way to stand out in the crowd, the best solution may be to add a second story to their Knoxville trade show displays. An upper deck can make an impactful, memorable statement. It also affords other advantages to event marketers struggling to attract the attention of attendees.

Below, we'll make the case for using a double-deck trade show exhibit at your next event. The following isn't to suggest “double-deckers” are perfect for every show. They're not. But in certain circumstances, they can mean the difference between connecting with interested attendees and being roundly ignored.

Knoxville Trade Show DisplaysGreater Visual Impact On Attendees

While substance is important, it's visual flair that grabs attention. Your exhibit must stand out from the crowd if you hope to turn attendees' heads. A double-decker offers an easy way to do exactly that.

Think back to the last few events you attended. How many two-story trade show displays did you see? Chances are, very few. Now, imagine the dominating presence of a double-deck display. Surrounded by smaller, less-impactful booths, it would be a veritable showstopper, attracting more attention and traffic.

Easier To See From Across The Venue

The challenge of exhibiting at large events is that attendees may not be able to spot your booth from across the venue. Even relatively big, innovative modular exhibits can remain hidden unless attendees walk past them.

A two-story exhibit solves this problem. In the same way tall high-rise buildings stand out among shorter structures, large double-deck trade show displays stand out among smaller booths.

The result? They're easier to spot across the convention floor.

More Flexibility With Exhibit Design

Double-deck trade show displays in Knoxville offer you twice the space for design compared to a single-story display. More space gives your designers more flexibility. They'll have a broader canvas through which to communicate your brand image and messaging.

Space Expansion At A Reduced Cost

A two-story exhibit can reduce the cost of space expansion. It allows you to build upward rather than outward. That's important because the real estate above your exhibit will always be less costly than the real estate adjacent to it.

Suppose you normally use a standard 20' x 20' display, but want to increase your footprint at the next event. You have two options. First, you could invest a significant sum designing a longer and wider exhibit. Second, you can opt for a double-decker.

Remember, the real estate above your booth is the cheapest real estate at the show. A two-story configuration will help you to stretch your budget while impressing attendees with a larger show presence.

A Quiet Space Away From The Din Of The Show

Trade shows are noisy affairs. Some exhibitors hawk their wares like carnival barkers. Others try to attract passersby with loud games. Still others put on product demonstrations with thunderous music that drowns out everything else in close proximity. Meanwhile, the venue's acoustics might exacerbate the problem by causing the noise to reverberate.

This can make it difficult to hold conversations with customers and prospective leads.

A double-deck Knoxville trade show exhibit can make available a quiet space away from the racket. You and your guests can enjoy relative peace, allowing you to ask about their business challenges and explain how your products can help them.

It's worth noting that many venues have strict rules regarding the use of double-deck displays. Some preclude their use altogether. Before you invest money in one for an upcoming show, check with the show organizer regarding its use. Ask about local regulations and venue restrictions (particularly with regard to height limits). Also, ask about weight and load requirements.

If you receive the thumbs up from the show organizer, contact your event marketing exhibit dealer to design a show-stopping, double-deck trade show display that'll dazzle your audience.

Skyline Exhibitor Source offers a full range of event marketing tools and services for companies that desire more brand visibility and greater reach into their target markets. From innovative, head-turning trade show displays to a state-of-the-art, web-based event marketing management system, Skyline Exhibitor Source is the only partner your company will ever need.

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