Choosing Giveaways For Trade Show Exhibits In Nashville

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Oct 6, 2015 12:38:01 PM
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Choosing The Best Giveaways To Make Your Trade Show Exhibits In Nashville Memorable And Fun

Yours will never be the only trade show exhibits in Nashville. To the contrary, your trade show exhibits easily can get lost among the many others on the floor. Knowledgeable trade show exhibit producers have many strategies for making your trade show exhibits in stand out, from stunning graphics and interesting configurations to beautiful lighting and cutting-edge electronics. One proven and popular way to make trade show exhibits stick in prospects’ memories, however, is the giveaway: a small item, customized to keep a company’s name in front of potential customers.

Well-made, relevant gifts work because they’re tangible objects that can be held and used long after the trade show is filed away in memory. They’re persistent reminders of your brand and offerings. Plus, they can create positive perceptions of your company as serious, organized and generous.

So How Do You Choose Swag For Your Trade Show Exhibits In Nashville?trade show exhibits Nashville

The most important thing to remember in choosing trade show goodies is to tailor them to your audience. Do the research and know your potential customers: What do they like to do? Where do they like to go? What do they care about? Are there industry insider jokes you can riff on? Get inside their heads, and you’ll get inside their wallets.

  1. For The Tech-Savvy

If you sell to folks who work in technology, give them branded items that complement the gadgets they use and love.

Pockets that stick to the backs of cell phones

Cell phone charms

Screen-cleaning cloths

iPhone cases

USB drives

USB car chargers

Cell phone stands

Battery backups (power banks)

  1. For Pet Lovers

Pet owners adore their pets; some are downright fanatical about them. Honor that, and you create all kinds of good feelings about your brand.


Collar bling

Samples of shampoo, cologne and similar pet toiletries



Portable bowls


  1. For Readers

If your prospects read, remind them of your brand every time they pick up their books and e-readers.


Jeweled or otherwise decorated page markers

Ownership stickers or stamps


E-reader screen covers and cleaners

Book lights

Reader (magnifying) eyeglasses

  1. For Travelers

People on the go appreciate little conveniences that make their wandering lifestyles a little more pleasant.

Airline-approved containers

Toiletry samples

Luggage tags

Lip balm

Sewing kits

First aid kits

Dental floss


  1. For Athletes And Sports People

Give people who enjoy sports something they’ll use regularly, and they’ll be reminded of your focus on their needs.

Reusable water bottles





Fishing bobbers

  1. For Gourmets

Food samples of any kind always fly off the trade show exhibit tables. Other big hits are ingeniously designed or unusual kitchen tools and helpers.

Bottle openers

Pizza cutters


Coffee samples

Grocery bags

Measuring spoons


Herb seeds

  1. Just For Fun

Some audiences and trade shows lend themselves to humor, and these prospects will remember you if you made them laugh. Tread carefully here, though: The last thing you want to do is to offend, insult or embarrass.


Funny t-shirts

Playing cards

Desktop games

Funny disguise

Don’t blow your tradeshow exhibit budget on giveaways that become throwaways. Research your target audience and choose useful, high-quality items that boost your company’s image and remind prospects of your brand. Stumped? The experts at Skyline Exhibitor Source have extensive experience in trade show exhibits in Nashville and they know what works.

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