Do Your Banner Stands Work Outside Of The Trade Show Circuit?

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jan 8, 2014 11:55:09 AM
Exhibitor Source

Skyline Exhibitor Source has been creating stunning banner stands for Knoxville businesses for years and has learned from experience that you don't always have to stick to the tried and true to make an impression. In fact, using banner stands is often an excellent way to shake things up a bit by surprising customers with exhibits used in unusual ways.

Plant A Few Ideas Using Banner Stands At Knoxville Stores

Retail stores periodically have open houses, special sales and holiday events to generate additional sales. During these retail special events, retailers often use banner stands in Knoxville to draw attention to specific deals, limited time offers and other incentives, but you can also use them to suggest additional purchases.

Get With The Program

Any time you have an event that features speakers or awards, banner stands can highlight the event by outlining the evening's program -- highlighting the credentials of keynote speakers or listing the awards to be given. Using bold graphics to add emphasis and framing the entrance to the venue or the stage itself will draw all eyes. There's no reason you can't include some interesting industry information or a brief success story that underlines your company's success as well. Doing away with printed programs is also a responsible, eco-friendly decision that will reflect well on your company long after the event is over.

Answer Customers' Questions

Customers often have questions that they may not even be consciously aware of, but these unasked questions can be a valuable marketing tool. Use banner stands to jump-start a sort of dialogue with your customers by asking brief but valid questions for them on one banner stand and answering on another one.  "Do you need to increase your insurance?" is a simple but important question that will get potential clients thinking about their policies. By placing a second banner stand nearby that says, "Let us review your current coverage," is an invitation that will encourage individuals to set up an appointment or log on to your website. The beauty of an approach like this is that you can appeal even to customers who might already use your product or service, but may realize they need more.

Be The Solution Others Are Seeking

Direct selling is certainly the most prevalent way of appealing to potential customers, but don't simply focus on the obvious approach. Consider being the solution to their problem rather than just selling them a product or service. Sure, your company may be selling waffle irons, but a banner that asks, "Is Saturday morning breakfast a struggle?" is more effective because it addresses a specific need. Another banner stand can then offer the perfect solution "Waffles make every breakfast a special occasion."

Let Them Know You Care

Finally, stop relegating banner stands to sales events and trade shows. Consider using them to send out a message of thanks for customer loyalty instead of trying to sell something all the time. Are you sponsoring a charity event? Participating in a town meeting? Instead of putting up an advertising sign, set out a few banner stands that say something as simple as, "Thank you for 25 wonderful years," or "Our customers make the difference." You'll be amazed by the response you get by taking a subtle approach occasionally. Watch for more helpful tips on Skyline Exhibitor Source owner John Hamari’s Google +. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss how banner stands can improve your company's brand recognition and sales.

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