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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jan 31, 2014 1:45:29 PM
Exhibitor Source

square-peg-round-holeAhh… your booth. It is a work of art isn’t it? You’ve worked hard making it look EXACTLY how you want it. Every angle, every detail, the lighting…it’s all perfect for that 10x20 space you exhibit in. Occasionally, you’ll hit the smaller shows in your 10x10 version of your trade show display, but that 10x20 is your sweet spot.

Wait…look over yonder! There’s a discount on an island booth space! SNATCH IT UP! That’s your first instinct, right? Bigger space = better return? At first glance, it would seem that way, but ask yourself a couple of questions before taking that step.

Consider what booth you will be bringing to the island space. Your existing 10x20 may physically fit in the space, but it may not be the right fit. A 20x20 island or peninsula booth space differs so incredibly much from an inline 10x10 or 10x20. The biggest difference is the height. In a 20x20, depending on the show, you have the opportunity to go higher. Your beautiful existing booth stands 8’ or 9’ compared to the towering 16’-20’ height limits that are typical in an island space. Another way the 20x20 space could take advantage of the height is with a hang sign. Sure, your existing 10x20 booth may fit in the space, but it may end up looking like your booth was lost and you had to throw together a quick rental.

My recommendation if you really want to take that next step into a bigger space? First, of all congratulations! That is a huge step. Next? Talk to your design consultant to see how your existing booth can be reconfigured along with rental pieces to make a more appropriate booth presence. There are lots of options. It’ll probably cost some money. But if you’re making the step of paying for the extra space, you’ve already gone 80% of the way. Now you can invest the other 20% and really look great! If you’re not ready for that, stick with the 10x20. Another idea that is unique is to do two 10x20’s across from each other. That creates an environment without having to break the bank.

Your design consultant will help you get to that next step and look at the options when you’re ready to take things up a notch. While you’re in the middle of your 10x20 exhibit booth purchase, and you know you may want it placed into a 20x20 space in the near future let your consultant know! They will help with a creative solution. All things are possible!

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