Exhibiting Components to Make Social Distancing a Priority

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Dec 29, 2020 10:45:00 AM
Exhibitor Source

As we move on from 2020 into a brand new year, the excitement of resuming meetings and trade shows cannot be understated! We have new rules and even a new vernacular.  "Social Distancing" is a newly coined term thanks to coronavirus(!) and is now priority one for gatherings of all sizes. We have all become familiar with it thanks to those handy directional arrows and neatly-spaced “X” spots in grocery stores and retail outlets. We all know how to keep our distance. But what about when we all get back together at trade shows and marketing events? How do we stay safely distant but intimately connected to our customers and prospects?

The most important factor is, of course, safety, but the next most important factor is consumer confidence. Safety and the evidence of safety measures affect people differently. As we ease back into social gatherings, business events, and personal contact, here are a few tips to help you get back into the swing of things while minding a distance-friendly exhibit.


Depending on your trade show’s size (size of attendance and size of space) and your own booth size, you’ll need to start figuring out how many entrances and exits are needed. Also, unlike in previous years, you’ll need to designate a sole purpose for each one. It’s probably not a good idea to have a large mingling in/out space anymore. For now at least, it’s best to consider how the flow of the booth will work so as to “direct” the traffic in the safest way.

To make sure that your floor plan is open enough so people don’t feel crowded when trying to enter or leave your booth, you might consider a custom exhibit that meets these requirements. You don’t want your booth guests to feel uncomfortable if your only exit or entrance space is clogged up with people, forcing them to come into close proximity with others to get by or have to wait longer than they’d like until the area clears up.

If you have a 20’ X 30’ or larger island booth, you’ll need several points of entry. You’ll need 2-3 places where people can come and go without having to squeeze by others. If you have a 10’ X 10’ or 10’ X 20’ inline exhibit, you already have a booth that’s open to the aisles, so try to avoid cluttering up your space with tables, product, demos, or anything else that might hinder foot traffic flow.


Even though we all know what 6 feet of distance is, it’s helpful to see it measured out. And as you might not want your booth floor littered with little Xs taped down everywhere, you might consider one of the visually appealing functional flooring solutions that Skyline offers to complete your aesthetic. You can also utilize flooring throughout your exhibit that includes arrows to visually cue directions. When people see your flooring cues, they’ll remember the mandated spacing guidelines.

If you’d like more visual cues for your booth than just flooring, Skyline Exhibitor Source can create graphics for your booth that fit your brand. Maybe you want directional signs or entry/exit signs; maybe you’d like some “reminder” signs to encourage attendees toward a certain behavior in your booth; whatever your need, you’ll want more than a sign that’s quickly scribbled in Sharpie and taped to your booth. Skyline has professional, elegant solutions to blend in seamlessly with your brand while communicating clearly.


It’s ALL about spacing, right? The entrances, the exits, the visual cues – they all go toward providing adequate and strategic spacing for your booth.

However, spacing is more than putting everything 6 feet apart. You have to utilize your space for maximum occupancy while safeguarding against crowding. Obviously, you’ll want tables and counters to be 6 feet apart. You’ll want versatile counters that don’t take up an enormous piece of square footage, and you’ll need to allow space around the counters, as well.

The Rally Counter is a streamlined exhibit component and can be used as a workstation, demo station, product display, or a space to stand and meet with attendees. The sleek design fits exhibits of any size and will make a perfect addition to an exhibit that is working to make the most of its space. It also doubles as storage underneath and can be beautifully branded to your exhibit design!

No matter your booth size or shape, your product or service, your limitations or budget, Skyline can help you meet your goals. Skyline’s custom designs are built from innovation and passion with you and your business in mind. The obstacles facing our world today and the exhibiting world in particular right now are a welcome challenge to Skyline’s creative design team.


This article was inspired by "The Must-Have Exhibit Components to Make Social Distancing A Priority" by Briquelle Neyens and first appeared at

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