Four Nashville Trade Show Exhibit Trends You Should Be Using

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Nov 20, 2014 10:18:55 AM
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Knowing some of the latest Nashville trade show exhibit trends can make your company look relevant and deliver optimal return on investment.As a leading provider of Nashville trade show exhibits, the team at Exhibitor by Skyline understands that, in order for our clients to effectively dominate the showroom floor, they must successfully manage a multitude of factors. Yes, displaying a visually compelling and informative Nashville trade show exhibit is a must to stay on the radar of the wandering event masses; however, savvy entrepreneurs recognize that optimal success relies on more than just having the best booth in the room. Effectively showcasing product lines, presenting a polished and professional team, and building function buzz are just some of the many items that need to be effectively addressed at every event to make the entire process worth the time and money invested.


Nashville Trade Show Exhibit Trends Can Help Your Business Stand Out From The Competition


At Exhibitor by Skyline, we recognize that the best way to maximize results at any function is to keep your business ahead of the live marketing event curve. Not having a strategy that includes the very latest Nashville trade show exhibit trends may result in the occasional successful function; however, consistently including what's hot in the world of live event marketing is the best way to routinely dominate the showroom floor and maximize results.


Four Key Ways To Stay Ahead Of The Trend Curve With Your Nashville Trade Show Exhibit


No matter what corporate vertical your business falls in, using technology as part of your Nashville trade show exhibit strategy is a must. At Exhibitor by Skyline we partner with our clients to include cutting-edge technology that not only impresses the crowd, but also proves relevant to the overall brand message. Our exhibits, coupled with other items such as lead scanners, flat screens and e-tablets can showcase your organization as innovative and sophisticated.


Another major trend in the Nashville trade show exhibit arena? Dismissing hardcore sales pitches. While our state-of-the-art booths will attract guests, an in-your-face sales pitch from your employees can have them bee-lining to your competition. Work with your team for a softer selling approach. Give and take dialogues that unearth needs in your market, customized strategies, and even live product demonstrations will showcase your brand as a true partner to the consumer.


Social media marketing has also firmly established itself as a hot trend in the live encounter circuit. Many organizations will use their pages to post information pre-show; however, trendsetters recognize that social media can offer invaluable ROI during the event itself. Allow staff members to tweet, post and stream throughout the function to target the online audience who is in attendance and generate buzz about your business.


Finally, modern business owners recognize that, while their customized booth is vital to success, it's okay to have other meeting room options for specific guests. Consider renting meeting rooms and hospitality suites at your event venue. Having available space beyond your booth can give your consumer the one-on-one attention from your team that they may need to further the impact your brand has during the function.


If you're looking for a customized Nashville trade show exhibit that wows the crowd, Exhibitor by Skyline can help. Contact us today for more information!

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