How To Get The Most Out Of Your Tradeshow Banner Stands

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Nov 21, 2016 3:23:13 PM
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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Banner Stands

Banner standsBanner stands are an incredible versatile product that goes from the trade show floor, to your lobby, to recruiting events, and virtually anywhere else you need to promote your presence. While you can use a single banner stand on its own, Knoxville businesses are finding that they can get far more impact - and versatility - my maximizing the style and function of their display with LED arm lights, built in merchandising accessories, and by utilizing multiple stands and graphic combinations.

LED Arm Lights

Whether on the show floor or in your office lobby, a banner stand on its own can be ho-hum and easy to pass by. But add an LED arm light to the top of the stand, and your graphics come to life. Skyline's new TriaSolTM LED Arm Light is three times brighter than the brightest LED arm light of the competition. It is energy efficient, yet the ultra-bright light illuminates more space, making a serious visual impact.

Combine Multiple Stands

Combining three banner stands can be used to create a portable, lightweight, easy to setup 10' booth. When effectively designed the stands can be used together to create a cohesive theme, but can also be impactful when used individually.

Add even more banner stands to create a longer wall or multiple sides; just be sure to employ professional design to ensure a unified look and flow among banners so it doesn't look busy or sloppy.

Add Functional Accessories

Make your banner stand even more practical by adding shelves and brochure holders. The Myriad Banner Stand system from Skyline allows for various configurations of accessories for merchandising. If you need them at the show, add the poles. If you don't need them displayed in your lobby, simply remove them. Each acrylic or metal shelf can hold up to 4 pounds.

A portable table, such as the Arrive Case Table from Skyline, instantly transforms your banner stands into a mini-booth with built-in storage. Place several tables around your booth for one-on-one interaction with visitors, or take a single table and banner stand to your next corporate event to serve as an informational kiosk.

Have A Fleet Of Graphics

Modern banner stands are incredibly easy to transport, set up, and even swap out graphics on. You can have an entire fleet of graphics printed to use at a variety of different events, and because the graphics are so compact, they take up minimal storage space. Skyline can even store your additional graphics and ship them to your upcoming event location.

Skyline Exhibitor Source In Knoxville Offers Versatile Banner Stand Systems

Whether you need a single banner stand, or you want to create an entire flexible booth from them, Skyline Exhibitor Source can create custom banner stand systems that really make an impact. Contact us at 615-287-9800 for a free consultation or to order a banner stand catalog.

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