Increase Space In Your Booth By Using Savvy Storage

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Apr 5, 2022 10:45:00 AM
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Although the buzzword of the millennium is “minimizing,” let’s talk about MAXIMIZING! Floor space in your exhibit, that is. There are loads of good reasons to increase your booth’s floor space. First, it’s more important and mindful than ever to have an open, spacious floor plan to keep people comfortable and safe and to remind them that you are being intentional about their comfort. Second, a little extra space makes everyone more physically comfortable and makes your booth easier to navigate. Third, intentional space creates allure – it is inviting and appealing. Just think: when is the last time YOU wanted to step into a cluttered space full of people?Store Personal Items

The most obvious – and most frequently overlooked – solution to begin clearing floor space is simply to declutter the personal items from the booth’s floor space and your attendees’ line of sight. Many exhibitors focus so much on their exhibit and its curb appeal that they completely forget to “keep it going” inside the booth. They walk in, drop their laptops and coats on a chair, and miss a simple opportunity to maintain a visually appealing, spacious area.

  • So, first things first.  Have a designated and hidden spot for:
  • Jackets
  • Purses and bags
  • Laptops and computers that aren't part of the exhibit
  • Notepads, pens, and other office supplies
  • Water bottles and snacks
  • And definitely any random booth supplies -- clips, tape, etc.

Table Systems to the Rescue!

One savvy, functional storage option is a table system. Putting a table system in your booth will offer you a classy, functional workspace AND ideal roomy storage for all your staffers’ odds and ends. And don’t think it will detract from the aesthetic of your exhibit. Skyline’s professionals can build it into your company’s branding and design so that the effect is seamless. Table systems can:

  • Function as reception desks to meet and greet visitors, sign up for giveaways, collect business cards, hand out swag.
  • Create an attractive barrier between you and your guests if you desire that. (Think jewelry store model.)
  • Contain built-in seating options to sit and chat with visitors or staff, and to offer a respite for attendees who might need to take a load off while they take in your products, demos, and pitches.
  • Increase counter area for displays and products.
  • Provide surfaces for promo items.
  • Mirror and boast your graphics. Table systems are designed to fit in seamlessly with your branding and are designed to be easily changeable from show to show if you often change out your graphics.

Don’t ruin your booth’s design and feel by having a lot of stray items lying around. Think ahead about what you need to keep your exhibit looking professional and stream-lined. Let our Skyline experts help you discover what feels right for you and your booth.



This article was inspired by "How To Add Space To Your Exhibit Floor Plan By Utilizing Storage" by Briquelle Neyens

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