Is Your Exhibit As Ready As You Are?

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jan 26, 2021 10:45:00 AM
Exhibitor Source
12 Items to Check Before Trade Shows Return

With all of the canceled shows and rescheduled events this year, it can seem as though trade shows are a thing of the past. Exhibitors have taken a hit as their prime opportunities have been put on hold. Discouraging as all of this might have been and as uncertain as it continues to be, anticipation is high concerning when trade shows will return. One major trend shows that many larger events have opened up for the 2nd half of 2021. This is positive because they could have easily switched to a virtual format. Instead, they are recognizing the value of in-person events.

As you eagerly await the return of physical events, you can check in on your exhibit properties and make sure they are as ready as you are. Use the following checklist to determine if they are ready to go or if they need a little TLC before they hit the showroom floor:


  • With less travel in your schedule, it’s a great time to assemble and inspect your exhibit to make sure all the parts and pieces are intact and functional.
  • Check for missing or broken pieces and take a complete inventory.
  • Consider an asset management program if taking care of the details of your exhibit is too overwhelming. These programs do all the upkeep for you: inspection, inventory, updating, replacement, and shipping.
  • Rethink where you are storing your exhibit. Is it safe? Is it free from extreme temperature changes, dust, water, sunlight? Is it piled high atop other storage and at risk of toppling? Is it crammed underneath other supplies and at risk of being crushed? Exhibits do best stored in a secure, climate-controlled area.

If you own a Skyline exhibit and need replacement parts, please contact us at and we will follow up as soon as possible (photos encouraged).


  • Because first impressions are everything at trade shows, inspect your exhibit for wear and tear.
  • Check for wear and tear as well as for cleanliness. Maybe a graphic simply needs to be wiped down, maybe it needs a fresh coat of paint, or maybe it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Inspect furniture to see if it needs replacing or updating, as well.
  • One particular update every exhibit will need is ample room to allow for social distancing. Does your exhibit provide that? Consider reconfiguring components into difference shapes and sizes to provide the appropriate spacing.

Here are some exhibit design considerations to start thinking about to ensure everyone feels safe while interacting with your brand at shows in the future.


  • With a global “breather” in place for everyone, now is a great time to consider if your current exhibit design and aesthetic represents your brand well. Has your business outgrown any of your graphic messaging? Does your exhibit still align with your website, social sites, and overall brand?
  • Ask yourself if the experience you are offering attendees as they interact in your exhibit space is consistent with what your brand is. Catering to your brand with a unique look helps you stand out among the competition and helps customers engage more.
  • How long has it been since you revamped your exhibit? If it’s been more than a few years, think about how your business goals and branding and especially your products and services have changed. Your exhibit needs to reflect the newest, best “you.”
  • Perhaps your company is projecting a change in 2021. Get ahead of it with a new look to roll out the changes coming.

Eventually trade shows will return to event floors everywhere, and you want to be ready. Spend the downtime now dreaming and strategizing about your exhibit and getting it ready to go. See you face-to-face soon!


Photo by Ahmad Gunnaivi

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