Keep Your Trade Show Displays In Nashville Focused

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Sep 21, 2015 10:00:17 AM
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Keep Your Trade Show Displays In Nashville Focused By Answering These 5 Questions

Trade show displays can be powerful tools in your marketing arsenal when wielded effectively. Trade shows are busy, competitive arenas, though; your trade show displays must stand out among a crowd of other exhibits, all of whom are vying for the same visitor engagement. Here’s the kicker: You have only three to five seconds to nab the attention of your prospects. That’s not much time to communicate your brand or message well enough to spark engagement.

One way to improve your odds: Focus. Knowing the answers to the following all-important questions will help the folks here at Skyline Exhibitor Source create trade show displays in Nashville that keep the spotlight trained on your product or service. If you haven’t asked and answered these questions lately or at all, there’s no time like the present.

  1. What Makes You Different From Your Competitors?

This is, of course, the mother of all marketing questions—the answer to which, in marketing terms, defines your unique selling proposition. This is just about the most important marketing decision anyone ever has to make, and your answer should drive all your promotional efforts, in fact, it’s at the very heart of a good business plan.

To find it, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes: Why would he choose your product or service over that of a competitor? Maybe it’s a feature not found on most other similar products. Or perhaps you offer a longer warranty or 24/7 service. Very few products and services are truly one-of-a-kind unique, but their attributes and combinations thereof certainly can be.

  1. Who Is Your Audience?

Obviously, if you want to attract potential buyers of your new tech device, you don’t want your trade show displays in Nashville to have a “soft” feel or to illustrate points your audience already knows well. It’s a basic marketing tenet: Speak directly to your audience. But—and this is the big “but”—your trade show display company can’t very well do that if you haven’t defined show displays Nashville

  1. What Are You Trying To Tell Your Trade Show Display Visitors?   

What’s the takeaway? Decide what you need to say first, before you consider how to say it. Come up with a one or two sentence summary of your message and write it down. Come back to it after a couple days and see how it sounds to you. Sometimes, a little distance and time away from an idea can help you clarify it further.

  1. What’s The Purpose Of Your Trade Show Displays In Nashville?

Why are you here in Nashville, at this particular show? A high concentration of potential customers in the area, the broad exposure of a large show, the intimacy of a small one, proximity to your headquarters, a launch in a new market, the prospect of a high ROI? Whatever your reason, your trade show display design should center around it.

  1. What Do You Want Your Visitors To Do After Seeing Your Trade Show Displays In Nashville?

Building a call to action into your trade show display is important, of course, but you first have to know what you need it to be. Whether you want to generate website traffic, build your mailing list, encourage phone contact, or just keep your name in front of your prospects, defining this will help your trade show display company zero in on your objectives.

Your Trade Show Display Company’s Understanding Is Only As Deep As Yours

The success of your trade show displays in Nashville depends in large part on how well you communicate your needs to the company you’ve hired to create them. A business owner who walks into our offices and hands us a hard-copy brief, or shoots us an email with the info, is far more likely to get precisely the display he needs than is someone who merely tells us about the vague idea he has in mind.

Skyline Exhibitor Source has been helping exhibitors hone in on the strengths of their businesses and channeling that into their exhibits for nearly three decades. Let their expertise go to work for you. Call or email for their extensive list of client resources.

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