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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Nov 2, 2015 9:28:58 AM
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Strategic Ways To Leverage Social Media At Your Trade Show Booth

Are you using social media at your trade show booths? If not, you may be missing out on some significant marketing advantages within your consumer sect. Worse yet, your business may actually appear dated and obsolete to your buyers, particularly if your competition has a firm handle on how to use social media to get noticed.

Put Together Your Plan For Social Media Use At Your Trade Show Booth

Fortunately, including social media at trade show booths can prove an easy fix. Putting together a strategy for each phase of the planning process can ensure that you don't miss out on any of the advantages offered with by a social media & SEO marketing campaign designed specifically for live events and trade shows.

Are you ready to get started? Consider these important tips to get the social media marketing ball rolling:

Before The Show

Yes, effectively including social media at your trade show booths actually begins before the event itself. Build excitement within your current network by:

  • Creating your event hashtag before the function, so you and your team can start generating buzz and marketing momentum within your online networks.
  • Posting the who, what, where, when, and, most importantly, why to all of your pages; and once you've gotten all of the details out there, lather, rinse, repeat all the way up until game day.
  • Don't just tell your network why they should check out your trade show booths, show them; create videos that can be posted to both YouTube as well as your website announcing your engagement to get viewers excited to see you live.

During The Show

trade show booths in NashvilleThere will be countless ways to include social media at your trade show booths; the key to success lies with making it a priority within your team, so the posting and updating actually gets done. Some fun ways to use this marketing medium include:

  • Using your smartphones, make videos of current customers at your trade show booths. Have them talk about their experience with your organization, then post. And also don’t forget loyal customers!
  • Host a social media contest during the event to encourages guests to like your pages.
  • Take and post pictures to give your followers a better glimpse at the fun and exciting vibe within your exhibits.
  • Update your status on all of your pages often throughout the event to, keep your followers in the know.

After The Show

Nope, you are not done using social media as part of your trade show marketing approach just yet. After the event it is critical to:

  • Go through your leads, i.e. that giant stack of business cards that you've collected, and invite as many leads as you can to “like” your social media pages.
  • Do you have social media pics and/or videos from the show that various contacts may find relevant? Send them as soon as you can, to keep the professional dialogue open.
  • Write a blog about the entire experience; a blog is the perfect way to recap some important details for guests that attended the show. It will also get your online network excited about getting to the next event.

For more information on generating buzz at your event exhibit, contact Exhibitor Source today!

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