With Lighted Portable Displays, Nashville Exhibitors Shine

Posted by Exhibitor Source on May 31, 2016 2:00:27 PM
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With Lighted Portable Displays, Nashville Exhibitors Really Shine

Portable Displays NashvilleTrade show booth lighting can be big, expensive, and complicated. It's this idea that causes a lot of small- and medium-sized businesses to give up some pretty big advantages when they exhibit at trade shows. There are some fantastic options for lighting a portable trade show display, many of them can be set up by one or two people with no special training. Contemporary halogen and LED lights have made it possible to create smaller, lighter weight fixtures that pump out more light than their larger predecessors, and without adding as much heat to the booth space. A lighted booth will attract traffic from a greater distance, and can more effectively point people's attention to your visual branding, products, and literature.

Some Lighting Options For Portable Trade Show Display

With some basic knowledge, you can create a lighting plan for your booth that will increase your traffic, giving you more opportunity to speak to your prospects. When professional lighting designers making a lighting plan, they work in layers. The basis is the ambient light, which, in the case of a trade show exhibit, would come from the venue's overhead lights and any windows that let in natural light. In order to create a complete lightscape, designers build on that foundation with more lights. In large installations, they may use additional overhead lights, but those are not quite the right thing for a portable display. Here are some other types of lighting designers might use, which would work extremely well in a portable exhibit:

  • Backlighting - Using backlit elements inside your booth is a sure way to grab attention and generate interest in your display. Skyline's PictureCube line include a couple of perfect options for a lighted display that's easy to set up and transport. Both the portable display and table feature custom graphics and backlighting, so visitors will spot your visual branding and message and come to see what you've got going on.
  • Accent Lights - Accent lights are the simplest way to brighten up your portable display. Whether you're using a pop-up wall like Mirage, and inflatable backwall like Windscape, or you're using custom-graphic banner stands, all of Skyline's portable backwalls are compatible with accent lights, which mount at the top of the wall, and can be adjusted to create the light effect you want.
  • Additional Lights - You can add more lighting to your portable display by adding task lights on shelves, workstations or tables, or by placing individual banner stands in strategic locations other than the back wall area. Banner stands offer another helpful option; you can clamp an additional light fixture to the banner pole for lighting an area or feature behind or above the banner stand, while concealing the fixture itself.

By Lighting Portable Displays, Nashville Exhibitors Get More Attention

You don't have to choose between portability and effective lighting for your trade show booth. It can be both simple and cost-effective to add lighting and take your display beyond basic. For expert advice, full service sales and rental support, and design ideas for portable displays, Nashville exhibitors can contact Exhibitor Source online or by phone at 615-287-9800. We'll be happy to help you with custom graphic design, marketing strategy, and anything else your company needs for successful trade show marketing.

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