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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Oct 18, 2022 11:00:00 AM
Exhibitor Source

“Good things come in small packages,” right?! But what about your trade show booth? What if I can’t have the big big big screen or the gigantic feature in the middle of an island booth? Can it still be truly exceptional if it’s a 10x10?

I’m glad you asked because the answer is ABSOLUTELY! All you need to know is how to “AMP UP” your booth. AMP UP is an acronym that will help you pave the way to exhibiting success.

ACCEPT that you are working with the dimensions you have. Stop wishing for bigger or more, and embrace the reality of your booth. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to brainstorm the most important part of your booth – visibility. You want everyone to be able to see your booth – it’s what matters most – and a small booth can be as visible as a larger one. Begin researching to find other small booth layouts you like; enlist help from a professional who can help you do more with less; embrace the idea that the lovely limitations that a smaller booth offers actually frees you from hairy decision-making. Accept that what you have is an opportunity and a challenge to get your products and services in front of people in a creative way and you will be happy. George Orwell once said, “Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”

MAXIMIZE your space. What space, you say?! Get creative! If you’re looking at your 10x10 and seeing only limitations, you need to look around. And up. Using the walls and the space above the booth are two primary ways to help your booth stand out. Even the smallest of booths can be seen across the event hall floor if they have a large, high overhanging graphic or feature. Think BIG up there! Similarly, your walls can hold tons of information and graphics without being too "busy" or taking up much actual space at all. When you’re considering how to design and outfit your floor space, choose slimline, multifunctional pieces. Tall, slim tables with drawers serve a variety of functions and also increase the visual size of your booth. High narrow shelves and lamps take up less space but offer the same function as the bulky, chunky alternatives. Since your floorspace is limited, think about installing high-end padded carpeting, which ticks lots of boxes – comfort, style, branding, and more. Speaking of branding, make sure it pops in your booth space. If anything is maximized in your exhibit, it should be your brand – don’t let anyone leave without it.

PERFECT the elements of your booth. In a small booth, every little aspect shows and is visible to your visitors. For this reason, scrutinize every inch of your space. Are your graphics impeccable? Is your carpet clean? Are smudges and smears wiped off all the surfaces and products and pictures? Are you and your staffers smartly-dressed and presenting well? Is the touchscreen working properly? Is all the audio clear and audible? Perfecting the details of your presentation space is worth the time. Vibrant, strong colors and flawless graphics are the way to go in a booth where every detail is evident. The smaller the booth, the more important quality is.

UTILIZE every sense you possibly can. Think beyond the visual and engage visitors’ other senses. Neuroscience proves that smell is linked to memory, so if your brand lends itself to tickling your attendees’ olfactory nerves, go for it. What about music inside your exhibit – something soothing or jazzy. Even the sounds of melodic birds or trickling water might enhance the experience. What about touch? Research shows that about 40% of people are tactile learners and prefer to experience the world through touch. That’s almost half your booth traffic! Make sure you have comfortable chairs (if you choose to have chairs) and soft tissues and smooth-writing pens and other tactically- pleasing items in your booth. Tactile visitors remember hands-on situations best, so try to have an interactive experience or handheld games or a touchscreen of some sort that this demographic won’t forget. Taste is probably the most difficult to incorporate into your booth, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some mints or chocolates to hand out at the entrance.

PREPARE for the event. You’ve done the work and now it’s SHOWTIME. Stay calm and aware that your booth will have limitations simply because of its size. If a challenge arises, you can face it then. You’ve done all the work to make it as visually attractive as possible, and now you can attract visitors through interaction and customer service. Remember your branding and make sure it is continuous throughout the event, not just in your booth itself, but in how your staffers and you communicate with attendees and each other. Positivity, confidence, humor, and work ethic are charming magnetics at a trade show.

And remember: you don’t have to do this alone. Exhibitor Source specializes in helping with every aspect of the trade show experience. Everyone needs a hand at one time or another, and help is just a click or phone call away.  




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