Maximize The Versatility Of Your Knoxville Trade Show Exhibits

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jun 22, 2015 10:52:52 AM
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Knoxville trade show exhibitsA lot of time and effort go into the creation of Knoxville trade show exhibits, not to mention a lot of cash and resources as well! That is why you want to choose an exhibit that you can use in multiple locations, for multiple events.


Get Noticed And Market Your Products At The Same Time


Trade shows are a great place to get noticed and to market your products, but it’s not the only way you market and advertise. So why not solve two issues with one solution?


Design For Your Business, And Not Just The Event

One way to truly maximize the versatility of your Knoxville trade show exhibit is to center the design and focus on your company’s message and product. Your goal should be to represent your unique business in the best way possible, and not to tailor it to one specific show or event. That way you have a display that works in multiple places, because it was constructed with a specific company-focus and not an event-focus. Skyline Exhibitor Source is a premier full-service trade show display producer that specializes in custom Knoxville trade show exhibits and portable trade show displays. Their team of highly trained professionals would love to help your business create a portable booth that will represent your company identify beyond exhibits to conferences, recruiting fairs, annual meetings, and other special events.


Think Of Customer’s Needs Beyond The Event

Another way to maximize the versatility of your Knoxville trade show exhibits is to avoid thinking too narrowly in terms of handouts, giveaways and staff training. While it is useful to have some event-specific information on banners at your display such as an outline of the event’s program or highlights about keynote speakers, handouts and giveaways should not necessarily be event-specific. Brainstorm different ideas for giveaways that communicate your vision as a company, as well as provide value to the guest. Your handouts can answer basic questions about your company’s purpose and product, or they can simply be items that create buzz and make consumers want to come back. If you stick to these guidelines when brainstorming ideas, you will come up with ideas that are sure to fit a variety of settings. Also, a benefit to using the same giveaways at different events is that you don’t have to worry about overstock. You can store up leftover items for future events, thus minimizing wasted resources.


Event Success Begins With A Well-Trained Staff

A well-trained staff significantly maximizes the versatility of your Knoxville trade show exhibit as well. They should be trained on the specifics of your company’s vision, identity and products, as well as in basic customer service skills. If you have staff members that can easily engage with guests, and can create a great customer experience, you will be able to attract consumers no matter where your display is set up. Your staff should be dynamic in their approach to consumers, and be able to read the room and respond accordingly. Your Knoxville trade show exhibits are only as good as the people you have running them. Therefore, invest your time and energy into picking the right people, and giving them the proper training they need to represent your company effectively.


For additional blogs and tips on making your Knoxville trade show exhibits a success in multiple settings, visit the Skyline Exhibitor Source website today to learn more. Contact them today to find out how they can help you create a display that grabs attention and creates buzz.

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