New Tech to Give Trade Show Attendees a Sense of Safety

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Apr 26, 2022 10:30:00 AM
Exhibitor Source

While pandemic safety restrictions seem to be easing up, we’re all familiar with the ever-present gallons of hand sanitizer, the social distancing floor stickers, limitations on crowd size, and constant sanitizing of surfaces everywhere we go. These are measures to keep us safe, help us feel comfortable, and enable us to return to (somewhat) complete normalcy as quickly as possible.

These efforts are laudable and probably here to stay for a while longer as event halls are determined to get people back to face-to-face events per the usual. That’s why they are going to great pains to introduce new technologies, not just new products and procedures, in their venues. Here are a few of those technologies geared toward crowd safety:

Temperature Check (it's not what you think!)

Temperature Check is a hands-free thermal temperature scanner which reads the temperature (in 2 seconds!) of any guest who approaches the machine. Created by Pike Productions, Temperature Check aims to be less intrusive, less time-consuming, and less daunting. There are various systems available, from desktop models to floor stands to wall mounts. This new technology will hopefully shift the focus of trade shows and the attention of attendees away from the recent pandemic and toward the exhibit floor where all the fun is.


GoGuide aims to make everything easier when it comes to checking in at an event. We all know that checking in can be a hassle to begin with, but add in all the new safety measures and that line can get reallllly long. With GoGuide, you can answer health check questions in real time as you arrive, get virtual queuing, receive designated arrival times, be alerted to low-crowd entry points, and receive reminders about masking and other safety protocol. GoGuide is a simple little app that will make exhibitors, visitors, and event hall personnel breathe a little easier.

42CHAT (where have you been all my life?)

This might be the chatbot we’ve all been waiting for. 42Chat is basically an Ask Jeeves for show attendees. Whether you need a parking space or the WiFi password or the location for your next session or the event hall Starbucks hours, 42Chat has got you. Using your phone to text questions, all your FAQs are handled swiftly and efficiently. You don’t even need to download an app! Hollah! Using AI, this new tech foregoes your need for wall maps, handouts, or even trying to find a helpful and knowledgeable attendant. It’s basically like having an assistant in your pocket!

SAFETY POIS (reliable and helpful)

You’re most likely familiar with this new technology that stores, restaurants, and businesses across the world are using – a touchless form of communication called SAFETYPOIS. It includes the indicators (known as “behavioral stickers”) on floors and walls encouraging people to stop, go, wait, space, etc. These simple visual displays can be extremely effective in communicating expected protocols for buildings and for increasing on-site safety. SAFETYPOIS also utilizes red, green, and yellow floor stickers to indicate where people may stop and where they may not, where they may pause to read or view something, and where they must keep moving so that a traffic area does not occur.

We are making great strides in making face-to-face meetings more like the 2019 normal and the schedule of shows is increasing in number. People are eager to reconvene, and they want to do it wisely. These new technologies can encourage safe gathering while not being a distraction to the goals of the gathering. See you at the next trade show!



This article was inspired by "New Technologies Making Trade Show Attendees Feel Safe" by Briquelle Neyens

Photo by Rob Curran

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