Planning For Maximum Success With Your Trade Show Display

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Oct 16, 2014 11:09:05 AM
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When planning for live event marketing success, it's no secret that one major consideration outweighs all others: your trade show exhibit. A customized trade show display often proves the only chance your organization will get to make a first impression on the wandering masses. Without having a thoroughly compelling trade show display designed specifically to command attention, your company's brand will quickly get lost in the swarms of competition also participating at any given event.

At Exhibitor Source, we know firsthand the importance that a visually-engaging trade show display plays in the success of any live event marketing campaign. Our team of design experts has earned a reputation as industry innovators capable of successfully showcasing our clients' brands to garner leads and sales conversions on the showroom floor. While we feel like it's critical to never underestimate the importance of having an effective trade show display, we also understand that there is another major component of encounter marketing success: choosing the right conventions and trade shows.

Choosing Events Wisely Can Have A Major Impact On Your Live Marketing Campaign

Think that all live marketing events are created alike and will yield the same return on investment? Guess again; modern conventions cater to an extensive range of participants. Honing in on the precise events that will best suit your organization's requirements can help you maximize the results you'll enjoy with your trade show display.

When you begin to consider various events for your trade show display, it's important to start with your organization's specific goals and objectives. Simply showing up and hoping to garner leads is not enough; brainstorm with your team to make a list of measurable and attainable objectives. Knowing your specific goals can help you pinpoint the right events to help you achieve them.

Next, consider your company's consumer demographic. Are you an organization that only operates on a business-to-business level? Or, do you deal primarily with your end users directly? Knowing the answers to these two important questions can help you focus on finding functions that get your business and brand in front of the right consumer sect.

Know Where Your Clients And Competition Will Be

Once you have narrowed down the list of potential events, it's time to further hone in on the right functions for your organization. Connecting with your current network of existing and prospective customers is a great place to start the next phase of the process. Live marketing events are a great way to help extend the reach of your brand's identity; however, it's important to remember that they are also a great way to also reinforce your corporate image to your existing contacts. Knowing which live functions your clients will be attending can pinpoint the best events for your business.

What's the final step in successfully identifying the right functions for your business? Knowing where your competition exhibits. Reach out to the liaisons at prospective conventions for a list of previous and current exhibitors. Identifying where your opposition will be is a perfect way to identify where you should set up your Nashville trade show display in an effort to win market share.


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