Make Your Tabletop Displays Stand Out In A Crowd

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jun 17, 2017 12:00:25 AM
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Make Your Tabletop Displays Stand Out In A Crowd

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Commanding attention at a live marketing event can sometimes prove challenging. With so many exhibitors flooding the venue space, business owners can find themselves struggling to stand out in the convention crowd, no matter what the size of their booths and stands. However, for entrepreneurs manning tabletop displays, their anxiety over making their mark with the live event crowd can feel exponentially higher than those with a full-sized exhibit.

Fortunately, It's Doesn't Have To Be

Tabletop displays offer business owners in every industry an impressive range of benefits and opportunities for success. However, as with any marketing initiative, reaching your goals and objectives with your tabletop displays will require careful planning and consideration. Before your next event, work with your team to strategize your approach on a wide range of factors including:


Get The Buzz Started Early: A great way to stand out in any size crowd is to build buzz about your business long before the event itself. Don't let the venue hosting the event manage inviting guests on your behalf. Work with your team to come up with a creative and compelling invitation that instantly sets a positive vibe about your organization. Ask for an attendee list from the venue, but don't stop there with your invites. Always look through your business' specific network of clients to make sure you are stacking in the odds in your favor, so you will have visitors lined up outside your tabletop displays to see what you have to offer.

Give A Relevant Handout: One major mistake many exhibitors make is handing out giveaways that have no purpose to the specific attending crowd. These handouts can instantly separate your business from the competitive pack; do not underestimate the impact they can have on your overall live marketing experience. Get creative (without getting cheesy) and offer something innovative, useful and, most importantly, FUN!

Offer An Event Special: It is no secret that everyone likes a great deal. Want to stand out from the competition that's giving out discount coupons for future purchases? Offer a product special where consumers can get a major discount on your products during the event itself. Put time limits on when the discount will be offered to really create a sense of urgency among consumers and they will be lined up outside your tabletop displays.

Hold A Scavenger Hunt: Working an event with a group of trusted affiliates? Join forces to create an event scavenger hunt. Create product questions they need to have answered and give them a map to reference as they acquire the list of items they need to retrieve. It's the perfect way to allow guests a chance to have fun while learning more about what your businesses offer.

Corner The Market (Literally): Want to increase overall traffic that organically passes by your booth? Select a corner location for your tabletop displays. Yes, sometimes a corner exhibit location can cost a little more than being somewhere in the main aisle. However, placing your stand in a corner means you have the opportunity to get twice as much foot traffic than other exhibitors.

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