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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Aug 4, 2020 10:45:00 AM
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Boost Your Experiential Value

How do you make the visitors to your trade show booth remember you and your company and value their experience there? That’s what you want, right? For them to REMEMBER you and think of you as VALUABLE to their company’s goals. The simplest, easiest way to be memorable and add value is to create a showstopping booth using theme. Read ahead and THINK to pick the right promotion to grow your leads, increase sales, or improve your overall marketing results.

THINK like a rookie:  

You have an insider’s perspective on all things trade show related, so you don’t notice the halls and booths and atmosphere and subtle nuances the way an outsider would. Because of that, put yourself in their shoes – pretend you ARE a first-timer to the event, specifically to your booth. What would you come in wanting to know? What would impress you? How would you want the booth and its staff to make you feel? What information would you like to leave with? How would you want to feel when you leave? Asking yourself questions as if you were a rookie can reveal some key insights into ways to exhibit next time. Theme helps drive the impression home.

THINK like a unicorn:

Hmmm, how does a unicorn think? Well, I don’t know, but they think differently than you do, so you need to think like one. Especially if your booth looks the same and has the same offerings year after year. What can you do to change up how attendees experience your exhibit? How about doing a giveaway or a different kind of giveaway. How about switching the type of swag you giveaway. How about switching the booth staff – vary the demographic or their apparel or the number of staff. Maybe the theme you choose can be reflected in the swag, the giveaway, and what the booth staff wear. Anything that reflects and repeats your company brand.

THINK big:

When choosing a theme, try to focus on a company message or goal and attach it to EVERYTHING. From the “uniform” the booth staff wear to the large graphics to the free pencils, the booth’s theme should be reflected (not simply repeated). Using a single concept throughout the design of each element helps solidify and emphasize your brand.


THINK "higher" and "hire":

The higher you raise the bar on your booth’s impact, the better chance you have of being hired to partner with a company in helping them solve their design needs. For this reason alone, you should hire trade show professionals to help you plan and execute every facet of your exhibiting efforts. As you think about implementing a themed design for your booth, consider using a pro who is accustomed to working to polish every detail and ensure complete satisfaction and delight with the finished product. And your attendees will notice.

THINK impact:

Every aspect of your trade show exhibit should be geared toward making it memorable for visitors. Since human memory is notably and scientifically unreliable, the booth needs to preach a consistent message, one theme that is consistent through its branding and signage. Repeat and/or reflect the message throughout the booth through different media – signage, color, arrangement, and décor.

Bottom Line: your exhibit’s design is THE single most important factor in communicating your company’s image. It needs to be fresh, unique, professional, and memorable. Let us help you get there.

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