Three Mistakes to Avoid with Your Trade Show Displays

Posted by Exhibitor Source on May 30, 2015 3:58:32 PM
Exhibitor Source

Knoxville Trade Show DisplaysDo you sometimes feel like your trade show displays are failing to get your company the attention you thought they would? Do you wish your exhibits had more consumer traffic than they do? The answer may be as simple as becoming intentional about some key elements that are often overlooked. Listed below are three mistakes to avoid with your Trade Show Displays:

Mistake #1 - Blend in: It may seem silly to encourage businesses to stand out, as it seems to be an obvious thing that all businesses would want to do, but business owners are often unaware of the elements that can give their exhibits that competitive edge needed to draw attention. Having colorful and eye-catching visual displays is a given for standing out, but other elements can help a company stand out as well. For example, have an interactive portion of your display that draws consumers in and makes them want to visit your display. Another option would be to have some sort of contest that attendees could participate in that builds buzz about your product.

Mistake #2 - Focus Your Attention on the Wrong Things: As a business owner, the only thing you and your staff should be concerned with at your trade show displays is promoting your company to guests. At Exhibitor Source, we understand that it is easy to get distracted with details of setting up your display, which is why we offer skilled staff members to help with the installation, set up and tear down, and packing and shipping of your display. We also have technology specialists at the ready to assist you with any technical errors or difficulties you might experience with your trade show displays. We understand that technology plays a massive role in catching consumer’s attention, and therefore understand the importance of technology that works properly.

Mistake #3 - Lack Consistency: Many business owners unfortunately underestimate the importance of trained staff members to man their trade show displays. It is confusing and off-putting to guests when they hear different or even contradictory information from different staff members. Staff should be trained on product knowledge, basic company information, and the vision behind the company to ensure that verbiage and information is consistent and accurate. Not only that, but the staff should also be trained on interpersonal skills to ensure that they are creating positive experiences for guests. It would even be recommended for staff to have some “crisis” training in order develop skills to handle any situation they may face.

Theme consistency is also important alongside team consistency. It is important to choose a display that is consistent with the theme and characteristics of the company it is promoting. Trying to stand out among the crowd should never result in a company doing something out of character or that doesn’t make sense for that particular company. In essence, don’t try to be something you are not. Be true to the values and personality of your company, and use those elements to stand out among the crowd.

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