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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Mar 10, 2020 10:45:00 AM
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By Matt Bohar

Tracking campaign results with Google Analytics is crucial for honing and adjusting future campaigns. However, often exhibitors just don’t do it. For more information on that, read this blog post. Exhibitors often won’t measure their website engagement from email blasts and other advertising. And because these stats aren’t tracked in Google Analystics without manually enabling it, they miss out on crucial information that they need to adjust their inbound marketing.

Below are three more critical metrics that you should be tracking, but might not be. Take a look and see where you and your web team can up your digital marketing effectiveness.


Your Google Analytics account electronically counts the hits on your web pages, which is often what we look at first (and maybe only). But it doesn’t automatically track how many hits your other content – embedded videos, PDF downloads, etc. – gets. And that’s a shame because people who open up embedded videos and PDFs represent highly-engaged website users. They are the visitors you want, and you want to understand how they got there and how to attract more of that type of traffic. That’s where Google Tag Manager comes in handy. Simply take a few steps to add a tracking code to your website links and click buttons. Presto! More info!


If you sell products online, it’s important to understand how much each transaction costs you, so that you can achieve an effective ROI on your digital marketing. It might surprise you to know that many exhibitors don’t track this information, as if simply not having brick and mortar expenses means they have no overhead to worry about. Not tracking transaction costs means missing out on data, data that not only that affects ROI, but also that details other pertinent information (where sales traffic is originating from, what types of visitors are filling their carts and then leaving them, and more). These in-the-dark folks need simply to enable ecommerce tracking in Analytics. This one easy step will garner loads of new, useful information about their e-commerce business.



If you’re interested in seeing which keywords in Google are leading people to find your website, you need to register your site with Google Search Console and then link your Search Console account to your Analytics account. This is easier than it sounds, and the entire process takes just a few seconds. However, it will instantly show you how often your business has popped up in search results (and for which keywords), how highly you rank in Google for these queries, and how many folks clicked your website in search results. Don’t bother looking at your Google Analytics account because all that is there is missing, inaccurate, or deeply unhelpful information that appears under All Traffic > Channels > Organic Search > Keywords. Best to use Search Console for all your SEO tracking.

The ins and outs of Google Analytics scare away some people from tracking important data related to their marketing campaigns. But have no fear! Set up is easy and quick, and the payoff is exponential. Once you’re using Google Analytics to track this data, you’ll be amazed at how much more effectively you can plan your digital marketing.


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