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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Feb 16, 2016 10:52:50 AM
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Where To Take Your Trade Show Displays In Knoxville: Find The Best Options

So you've got the best trade show display you can put together. You have your literature, your posters, your slide shows, your staff, and your giveaways. But the best trade show displays in Knoxville are useless without a convention to take them to. You don't want to be all dressed up with nowhere to go, so here's how to find the most appropriate expos in your industry.

Look Online

Once upon a time, the first place to find things was the yellow pages. Those days are long gone. Now, there are several websites that specialize in helping businesses find the best consumer or industry conventions to take their trade show displays. Knoxville business owners each have their own favorite sources for this information, so ask around among your colleagues for recommendations.

trade show displays KnoxvilleAnd of course, you can always ask Google as well. Just do a search for your industry plus "trade show," "convention," or "expo," along with your location if you wish, and you should turn up a wealth of possibilities. You can certainly keep your trade show displays in Knoxville, but consider broadening your horizons as well by looking for shows in more distant locations. If you have the budget for it, looking further afield for convention opportunities can really pay off in terms of sales and industry contacts.

Find Out Where Competitors Take Their Trade Show Displays In Knoxville

Many companies will advertise on their websites or social media pages if they're planning to take their booths to an upcoming convention. Keep an eye on your competitors' sites and watch for those announcements. As soon as you see what shows they are attending, check it out yourself to see if it would be appropriate for your business. It may be too late to sign up at that point, but if it's an annual convention, you can always keep it in your back pocket for next year.

Be sure to monitor any trade publications in your field as well. There may be advertisements for future conventions, or even articles on how businesses in your particular industry can work these expos to their best advantage.

If you've tried these methods and you're coming up dry, do a little scouting around local hotels and convention centers to see what's on their schedules. You never know when you might get lucky and find out that the perfect expo is coming up, so you can use your trade show displays in Knoxville.

It might take a little detective work, but you shouldn't have too much trouble finding great conventions to which you can take your trade show displays in Knoxville. And if you choose to look in other cities, your options will be even more numerous. Evaluate each show to make sure it's a good fit for your company, and you'll be in business.

If You Need More Ideas, Skyline Can Help

For even more great ideas for how and where to show off trade show displays, Knoxville businesses trust Exhibitor Source by Skyline. To get started on your trade show strategy, just call (865) 673-3457 or use our online contact form.

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