Trade Show Displays: 7 Benefits To Your Brand

Posted by Exhibitor Source on Jan 18, 2016 10:17:35 AM
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Trade Show Displays: 7 Benefits To Your Brand

Effective marketing means successfully exposing your corporate brand as many consumers as possible. For business owners throughout the region, this means using trade show displays. At Exhibitor Source, we have worked with business owners in a wide range of industries to showcase their distinctive brand differentiators at trade shows in Nashville as well as throughout the region.

How Trade Show Displays Build Your Brand

What makes trade show displays a viable marketing resource? These live marketing events offer unparalleled benefits to brands in any industry. When working trade show displays, your brand has access to advantages such as:

Cost Effective Marketing Forum

It's no secret that live events and displays will incur various costs for businesses. However, the sheer number of prospective consumers attending an event actually makes it a cost-effective marketing forum for businesses looking to increase their brand awareness and recognition.

Enhanced Brand Exposure

Live exhibits and expos offer business owners grand scale brand exposure. Setting up at even just a few events means that your brand will get increased attention within your specific targeted marketing demographic.

Sensory Experience For Leads

Cold calling potential leads often proves a static, one-dimensional experience. Even the savviest salesperson can find herself struggling to connect with consumers via telephone. Using trade show displays offers businesses an opportunity to appeal to all the senses for optimal audience engagement.

Meet With The Right Prospects

Not only will you connect with a large group of people at expos, you will also have the opportunity to connect with the right people: decision makers. You and your team will have access to them throughout the function as they wander through the exhibits. If you don't want to take a chance on missing them during the event, it's not a problem. Contact them in advance and setup a meeting during the function.

Product Demos

Other marketing resources force business owners to rely on printed or online materials to promote services and goods. A live expo grants endless opportunities to demo your merchandise directly to the end customer. They get to see your products on an up close and personal level, while you get to see their response real time.

Access To Media Resources

Yes, you and your team should effectively market your attendance at any given event; however, many venues will actually market your attendance for you. Contact the venue for any invited media resources and connect with them in advance, so they know that your booth is the booth to be at during the function.

Live Demographic Research

Finally, working trade show displays means you and your team can conduct a wide range of market research throughout the event. Don't squander this key opportunity; talk to consumers about their current issues and product requirements. Discuss how your products solve problems as well as gauge understanding about how to make situations even better. Additionally, wander the venue to conduct research on your competition. Understanding what they offer can help you come back to the next event with a new strategy.

Do you want to hear more about our customized trade show displays? Contact our team today!

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