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Posted by Exhibitor Source on Nov 27, 2018 11:00:00 AM
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Unpacking The Basic Rules and Regs

If you’re in the biz, you definitely hear the buzz about the hurry and flurry of trade shows – the fun, the excitement, the contacts and leads. And . . . the WORK. There’s no way around the massive amount of manpower from your company that goes into planning, designing, building, and hauling your exhibit for a show. Here’s the big “but”: it’s worth it. Trade shows pack a lot of punch and cover a lot of areas of business for you. Here’s a list I jotted down in about ten minutes – and no help from Google! – of reasons to lug your exhibit down to the nearest convention center.


1. Generate qualified sales leads
2. Close pending sales
3. Be surrounded by your target market
4. Build relationships with potentials
5. Cross-sell existing clients
6. Recruit fresh sales people
7. Train the new sales people
8. Recruit fresh distribution
9. Advance the sales cycle
10. Have the buying teams all in one place at the same time

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11. Strengthen your brand
12. Re-work your brand
13. Strengthen awareness of your brand
14. Get a feel for market awareness
15. Feel out clients for their perspective
16. Generate publicity
17. Manage the press/PR activity
18. Build relationships


19. Launch new products
20. Get input about new products from attendees
21. Eyeball your competitors’ products and branding


22. Stay informed about industry trends
23. Meet and greet VIPs on your client list
24. Meet your pivotal business builders
25. Continue to build your business with savvy and wisdom

In terms of advertising, you can’t beat a trade show. Your target market is IN THE ROOM and you get to rub elbows with them directly. That’s thousands of people who potentially need your product and you get face time with them. Take advantage of the great opportunity that trade shows offer!

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