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EXB 800


Deliver the right experience by focusing your entire brand on values and propositions with an emphasis on cross functional collaboration. Design your exhibit to create direct accountability for the customer experience.

EXB 799


Customer journeys are emotional. Create a space that mirrors an experience map, that will help you to get them know better. Configure a linear 10' x 10' and a 10' x 20' that addresses their journey in the right contexts of time, place and devices.

EXB 798


Emphasis on visual elements like, 3D layered logos will impact your target audience and aid in remembering your brand. A good experiential journey ties together emotional experiences in a visually engaging exhibit.
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 EXB 797

20' X 20' peninsula island

Peninsula spaces share a back wall. They can enhance your storytelling experience by creating a linear flow through the space.
EXB 796


Dramatic designs can be sensational, spectacular or simply something that is clearly unexpected. 
EXB 795

20' x 20' Presentation Tower

By understanding the bigger goals of your event, you can create an exhibit that addresses these goals. The length and depth of your presentations will inform your design of these areas.
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 EXB 794

20' X 20' minimalist design

Minimalist designs pare your message to a few essentials and can create a customer experience full of mystery, drama, and memorability.       
EXB 793

20' X 20' impressive ISLAND

If your brand has a hint of 'Pepto-Bismol' pink— use it. Bright pinks encourage confidence and action. It stimulates energy for a quality engagement in your exhibiting space.
  EXB 792


Peninsula Islands can also create an intimate. more private floor plans to create spaces for private and semi-private interactions.
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EXB 789

20' X 30' designed for nurture

Your exhibit should be a three dimensional expression of your brand. If you have an innovative product nurture the experiences that people will have in your space, so that they can share your technology with desire and exuberance.
EXB 790

20' X 20' casual club design

Limited entry to your booth space is a good idea if you have limited staffing or, if you want to create an ideal set of micro-experiences for your target audience to encounter.

EXB 791

20' X 20'actionable design

Your customer is endowed with abundant choices. Given this paradigm, your exhibit design needs to be illustrative in it's own right, yet actionable that helps your target audience to take the next step in the  customer journey.
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