Virtual Reality: Experience It On Site


  • Virtual Reality "Underground Experience": Try on the Oculus Virtual Reality headset and experience what show attendees experienced with one of our clients at the ACE show.
  • Each seminar will have the opportunity to interact in this virtual world for a minute or two, ask questions, and experiment
  • A large LED flat screen monitor allows everyone watching to see what is being viewed inside the headset
  • We will explain this case study, the results, the costs, the advantage and the possible risks
  • Other demo options will be shown

Most of us are familiar with the term "virtual reality" (VR). And many of us are familiar with a related term "augmented reality" (AR). But both of these technologies are still new enough that no matter how familiar they are, you may not know what they actually are. Virtual reality is actually the easier of the two technologies to understand without actually experiencing them. What's often not easy to do without really experiencing it, is realizing the immersive power of virtual reality.

Virtual reality utilizes a VR headset of some kind (Oculus, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard are probably the most notable) to place you into a virtual world. What you see will not be real, it will all be generated by computer, but it will be in such a fashion that you will experience height, width and depth. You can look around, you can duck your head, you can even use your hands. Many headsets also include headphones which can cancel out the noise around you and give you new sounds from the virtual world. Sound is a way we understand our surroundings and keep our balance, so the complete immersion in the virtual world can be very effected by by sound.

When you visit us for the seminar, we are going to give you the chance to go into a virtual world. A client of ours recently used VR to demonstrate some very large water valves, and we will let you try the demo. You will virtually be in a service area for a water valve where you will be instructed on the process of checking and adjusting the pressure for the water flow.

Don the goggles and let's get real . virtually, anyhow.

2019 Seminar Bar